Xayah and Rakan First Impressions

Xayah and Rakan First Impressions

Xayah and Rakan is the first double champion release since Gragas and Pantheon were both released in February of 2010. The two champions alone are greatly designed with both fun and unique gameplay mechanics. Together, these two champions have the power to take over the game single handily.


She is a unique champion in the bot lane that requires some setup to maximize her potential damage, and boy can she do damage. Her auto attacks shoot feathers in a line, after using a spell sort of like Twitch ultimate auto attacks where they pierce through enemies. Feathers can then can be recalled and do damage to the targets they hit, rooting champions hit by at least three. She also has one of the most unique ultimates that I have ever seen. When pressed, she flies into the air becoming untargetable and throws down an arc of feathers in a medium sized cone. Did I also mention that she has her own movement and attack speed steroid?

This champion has the fun factor of Lee Sin, the mechanics of Azir, and the flashiness of a Yasuo. Riot has added unique gameplay mechanics with the past releases over the last year and I do not know if they can possibly top this one. I hope so, though.


When this champion hits pro play, prepare to never see it played, EVER! His kit contains an AOE charm in his ultimate, a heal in his Q that if he hits a skill shot, will heal all nearby allies, a AOE knock-up in his W and a dash/shield paired together in his E. Rakan’s kit is overloaded with engage CC and shields/heals, I see this as an issue.

Rakan is fun to play, don’t get me wrong, but he is not fun to play against in the hands of an experienced player. He will make your lane hell and your team-fights even worse. If you don’t think he is worthy of a ban in solo queue you will quickly change your mind.

Streamer Opinions

Many different streamers in the community have also voiced their opinions on the new duo. Former pro player “ Imaqtpie” said that many of Xayah and Rakan’s abilities were amazing and interesting. In a video he uploaded to his YouTube channel he also mentioned that the synergy that Rakan has with other champions is also “pretty amazing”.

Also CLG bot laners “Stixxay” and “Aphromoo” also voiced their opinions on the new champs. Stixxay, regarding Xayah said, “She reminds me a lot of kallista, and since she is one of my favorite champs I think she’ll be a lot of fun”. Regarding Rakan Aphromoo said, “He looks like an upgraded Karma, you poke then you heal at the same time. That  seems pretty OP”.

Pro Play Impact

Xayah is strong; however, I feel like she has weak points. She needs set-up an aware opponent to be effective. Her damage early game is also minimal since she is an ADC. Her ultimate may give her the ability to dodge CC, but it has a long cooldown and can be played around.

Rakan is on the other end of the spectrum. He has multiple CC abilities along with a Lee Sin like dash that can be used twice. To kill a Rakan, he must out of position and have no flash available. The synergy he has with champions like Orianna, Malphite, and Rumble is out of this world. He will be an issue in pro play and a nightmare for solo queue players. If a distinct counter does not arise, prepare for Rakan to never be seen in pro play for a long time.


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