Which Overwatch League Team’s Hype Video Should I Show My Grandpa?

Although there are some pretty cool grandparents out there, most of us young, hip, student-loan riddled gamers have faced a lot of scrutiny from our older family members when it comes to our passion for video games.

They’ll tell you it’s a waste of time. Or start talking about how they liked to read or play sports when they were younger – you know, things that people who play video games couldn’t ever possibly do.

The question is: Which Overwatch League team’s roster hype video should I show my grandfather, Marvin, to prove to him that video games are the bees knees? 


“Prepare the iron helm of war… Prepare… Prepare your hearts for death’s cold hand… Prepare your souls for flight… Prepare for glorious victory… Prepare…” If that doesn’t give you goosebumps, I don’t know what will. And I’m pretty sure my grandpa will be quite impressed, although he’ll most likely think it’s a trailer for an upcoming film. Then again, he might think that if you play Overwatch enough you get to be a famous actor in a very, very foggy film.

Likeliness That I Will Show My Grandpa: 9/10


The start of Boston Uprising’s hype video is basically a two second close-up of a lamp post that I’m assuming is located somewhere in Boston. While Marvin definitely loves old fashioned light fixtures, I’m not sure this stale POG compilation video will really convince him that yelling “Why do we need a Widowmaker and Hanzo on offense!?” to a bunch of strangers at 2 am is worthwhile.

Likeliness That I Will Show My Grandpa: 2/10


Okay, this is more Marvin’s speed. As a World War II veteran, I’m assuming my grandfather will really appreciate seeing this spitfire doing crazy flips in the sky. I can almost hear him swelling with pride and saying, “Now I see why you skipped going to your grandmother’s birthday party to play Overwatch.” But then he would see that the entire roster is literally all South Korean players and possibly begin to suspect that I have no possible chance of ever playing Overwatch professionally, especially for the London Spitfire.

Likeliness That I Will Show My Grandpa: 7/10


The beginning of this roster video honestly looks like a vacation ad for Los Angeles. Then they randomly – and quite artistically – place members of their roster in scenic destinations throughout the city, and they seem more like lost tourists that can’t find the local game cafe than a professional Overwatch League team. One dude even gets lost at a carnival and starts contemplating if he should play some fair games. This video might get my grandpa to book a flight to Hollywood, but I’m not sure if it will convince him that I should keep banning Symmetra mains who won’t switch when we’re supposed to be attacking.

Likeliness That I Will Show My Grandpa: 1/10

This important dilemma deserves the deepest of thought, and I’m not done yet. There are still more roster hype videos to study, and I won’t rest until I discover which team has the perfect video to show my grandfather. Stay on the lookout for part 2. And join us on Twitter to join the discussion!


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Olivia is a professional journalist, freelancer, and is still undefeated at Mario Kart Double Dash. When she's not writing, Olivia likes to play Overwatch and watch Futurama.