Vrogros the Underlord – a new hero in Dota 2

The abyssal invader rises from the underworld, ready to destroy every disobedient soul. And now you can lead him to victory! Vrogros the Underlord, the newest hero in Dota 2, is a strength hero that is mostly played as a support or offlaner, and he’s very strong in teamfights. Here are some important notes for when you take over this scabby world that lies above the earth’s surface.




Firestormunderlord firestorm icon
Calls down waves of fire that damage enemy units in the target area, burning for additional damage over time.
Damage: Magical
Ability: Target Area


underlord-pit-of-malicePit of Malice
A deadly pit is conjured at the target location; any unit that enters is unable to move for some time and takes damage. Each enemy unit can only be affected once.
Damage: Magical
Ability: Target Area


atrophy_aura_iconAtrophy Aura
Nearby enemy units are weakened, losing a portion of their base damage. If a unit dies while under this effect, Underlord gains bonus damage.
Ability: Aura


dark_rift_iconDark Rift
Opens a dark rift at the targeted friendly unit’s position. After a short delay, Underlord and all nearby friendly heroes are teleported to that unit’s location. Dark Rift can be cancelled at any time during the cast. If it is cancelled in this way, or the target unit dies before the spell becomes active, Dark Rift goes into cooldown.
Ability: Target Point/Target Unit


cancel_dark_rift_iconCancel Dark Rift
Stop the teleport.
Ability: No target




Friends and foes

Your best friends:
Heroes that are able to control or conjure units provide an excellent base for your ultimate. Heroes such as Beastmaster, Chen, Enchantress, and Visage can give you a nice opportunity to teleport. But now the real MVP: Broodmother, with her spiderlings, and Lycan, with his wolves, can summon units which are invisible for the enemy. Therefore you and your team can appear out of nowhere to set up a gank.

To escape after finishing your gank, Mirana will help you sneak away in safety with her Moonlight Shadow.

Timbersaw, Crystal Maiden, Shadow Fiend or any teammate with area nukes work greatly with Pit of Malice – you make sure the enemies stay where they are, your teammates kill them, ez MMR.

So, to recap: Heroes that summon and control units work great with your Dark Rift, setting up deadly ganks, pushes or escapes.
Heroes that can deal a great AoE nuke will be thankful for your Pit of Malice that can help to ensure the enemy gets hit as much as possible. Don’t let them get away!
Another good lineup of heroes would be a combination of auras to get an extra boost of damage. This would involve heroes such as Vengeful Spirit and Luna.


Your enemies:

Your most important skill is of course your Ultimate, so any hero that can mess it up within the enemy team will greatly reduce your viability. If there is a Zeus or Spectre within the enemy lineup, avoid picking Underlord. They can know exactly where you are located, so they ruin your best feature, surprise teleportations. The same can be said about Bloodseeker; if one of your teammates is injured after a fight and Bloodseeker is still alive, he knows where your team escaped to, which could be devastating in combination with a hero such as Nature’s Prophet.

Treant Protector with his Overgrowth and Naga Siren with Song of the Siren can even interrupt your Dark Rift when channeled. Treant also delivers large map vision with an Aghanim’s Scepter, destroying any attempt of surprise teleportations. Also, Winter Wyvern can bring chaos to your team when trying to teleport with her Winter’s Curse. Ancient Apparition and Enigma are also dangerous with their ultis.

Due to Sniper’s huge range, this hero basically doesn’t care about your Pit or Firestorm, he can still damage you from far away. However, if he gets caught in the pit, he is easy to deal with.

Techies will let the enemies have a good amount of vision and if you accidentally teleport into some mines, you could kill all your teammates – not desirable.

So, any hero that gets good map-wide vision for the enemy is a thorn in your side. On top of this, heroes who also have a lot of mobility can counter your Dark Rift plans. Be careful around enemies with a long range and heavy aoe nukes.


Your choice of items

Even without items, Vrogros is a pretty useful hero who can deal a lot of damage and provide some nice new strategies. Since he’s not item dependant, there is a huge variety on what to buy, and you can be quite experimental. Having said that, here are some items that you should always contribute to your team:

Boots: There is no special must-have choice in the boots, it depends on the game. If you are going for a more carry-like Underlord, you can go for Power Treads for versatility or Phase Boots for extra damage. Since you’ll be facing mana problems Arcane Boots will help you out on that, but are also a core item if you are building him as a support. Boots of travel can give you a map-wide presence, allowing you to push a wave and still be able to get to where you are needed, and then potentially Dark Rift away. Personally, I usually go for Arcane Boots, since I’m spamming Firestorm a lot and you also have mana for your team, but it really depends on your playstyle and what suits you the most.

Urn of Shadows: The Urn is always needed and pretty useful on any Support. There’s nothing wrong with buying an Urn, so long as you and your team can kill the enemy heroes, since this is how you gain charges. The same applies for Drum of Endurance, it is always a good idea.

Mekansm: Also an item that’s always useful. They can ensure you get your team out safely in the aftermath of a teamfight if they are on low health. And of course, if you already have Arcane Boots, you can upgrade to Guardian Greaves.

Force Staff: Good on any Support, if you suffer from poor movement speed you can move around the map fast with this. As an added bonus, you can push enemies into your Pit, which is kind of awesome.

Shiva’s Guard: This is a good late-game item for heroes with AoE abilities in nearly every game. On top of the area slow, it gives you some nice armor and also helps with your mana problem.

Blade Mail: Can help you to survive by making enemy heroes less likely to attack you, which is important as your teammates will need you alive after a push or gank to escape.

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity: Grants you really nice mana regeneration and a slight move speed bonus, and its active ability helps you to set up for trapping foes in your Pit.

Vladimirs Offering: A great item that can be bought in the early-mid game, granting you and your team bonus armour and lifesteal in a small area around you. As you will be in close proximity of your team after using your ult, this item is a perfect fit for the Underlord. Become the king of auras!


Important notes

A really important basic requirement for Underlord is great communication and teamplay. If everyone is informed and knows what to do, you can set up heavy ganks and pushes with your Ultimate. If not – it will end as a disaster. Coordination is key. Speaking of your ultimate, it’s a game-changing skill. Whenever it’s possible, group up for a gank or a push with your teammates. Use it to it’s full capacity to save lives, get towers and secure valuable kills. This skill is important in any stage of the game, providing huge mobility to your entire team.

If you’re playing solo offlane, always have a clarity or a mango with you, as you may need to use your abilities a lot to contest the lane. As soon as you are level 6, team up to make some ganks. By the way, your Firestorm is great for farming, easily adding stacks to your Atrophy Aura.

You cannot be a solo Carry for your team, you depend on your teammates to follow up your Pit and Firestorm. Therefore you need to stay alive in every fight so you can get your whole team to escape into safety. Also, don’t be a lone wolf, always stay close to your teammates. Otherwise you are useless.

As you are the Pit Lord, your namesake Pit of Malice really has some nice extras: it goes through magic immunity, you can’t blink out of it, it traps multiple targets, and it prevents invisibility. However, if heroes activate BKB whilst trapped, they can escape, and Faceless Void can Time Walk out of it – always keep this in mind.

Additionally, your Atrophy Aura is an awesome deal in teamfights. If a nearby enemy creep dies, you get 5 extra damage, which is good in itself, but the death of an enemy hero gives up to 45 damage, meaning you deal more and more damage as the fight goes on!

Enjoy trying out Vrogros the Underlord and don’t be afraid to initiate ganks and invent new strategies! After all, you are the mighty Underlord, no one can stop you.


Underlord background

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