Virtus.Pro convincingly swept OG to win The Summit 6

Ever since its formation, The Summit has always been a fan favorite tournament as some of the world’s best teams gather in a relaxed and casual environment to compete for a sizable prize pool, all the while enjoying each other’s company and interacting with fans through various entertainment segments. This year, BTS studios continues to live up to expectations as big names from all over the world fight for the title as well as a good momentum boost heading into Boston Major. Defending champions Wings Gaming’s dominating streak was surprisingly put to a halt by TI5 winner Evil Geniuses, but the American squad couldn’t find a solution to Anathan ‘Ana’ Pham’s Alchemist in the lower bracket final. This left them in third place, and the grand finals took place shortly after between two-time Major champions Team OG and the CIS region’s powerhouse-on-the-rise, and arguably Europe’s strongest representative, Virtus.Pro.

Game 1

Virtus.Pro continued to make use of Ilya ‘Lil’ Ilyuk’s extremely wide and bizzare hero pool to keep their opponents guessing, with a full teamfight/pushing lineup consisting of a support Slardar and the infamous Luna/Shadow Demon duo. OG responded with Outworld Devourer – a ‘Flavour Of The Month’ hero – for Ana and Terrorblade for Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein, alongside aggressive ganking heroes like Batrider and Earthshaker. The game started off with numerous skirmishes and lane switches as both teams try to secure good farm on their core heroes. Virtus Pro was the team coming out on top, however, as their burst damage helped secure multiple kills on important targets such as Gustav ‘s4’ Magnusson’s Batrider.

On the other hand, Terrorblade as a carry came online much faster than Luna, and OG made use of this to systematically push down VP’s tier 1 towers. In order to defend against this, Vladimira ‘No[o]ne’ Minenko opted for an Armlet and led his team to fight OG head on. His timely toggle as well as coverage from Shadow Demon and Dark Seer nullified a huge portion of Outworld Devourer’s damage and helped the Russian/Ukrainian mix squad further their lead even more. By minute 20, all of VP’s cores took the top 3 spots of the net worth chart, and they were clearly in the driver’s seat. s4 suffering from a difficult early game significantly gimped OG’s initiation abilities, while both Slardar and Shadow Demon’s ability to scale well into the late game guaranteed that VP would not fall off coming into the later stages.


Ramzes666’s stellar performance was one of VP’s greatest strengths

However, OG would not go down without a fight. A clutch Echo Slam coming from Jesse ‘JerAx’ Vainikka helped the team hold middle lane against VP’s seemingly endless illusion spam. The game slowed down considerably after that, as both teams cautiously played around the Roshan timer and attempted to push with the numbers advantage. However, the longer the game went, the better things got for Virtus.Pro until a point where Luna was way too far ahead and OG had no answers for her. After a fast sweep near Dire’s Ancient Creeps area, captain Tai ‘Fly’ Aizik called “GG” and conceded the first game to VP.

Game 2

Onto game 2, OG decided to switch things up a little bit with a fresh Clockwerk – a forgotten offlaner – pick for s4, and the Drow Ranger/Mirana combo looking to end the game in the early-middle stages. Virtus.Pro remained faithful to their aggressive playstyle with global threat coming from Wisp, with a solid Juggernaut for the midgame and Lifestealer as hard carry. The game was off to an explosive start when both teams decided to trade blows near the Roshan pit before creeps even spawned, and Virtus.Pro gained the upper hand with multiple-man stuns coming from Sand King and damage from Juggernaut’s Bladefury.


VP’s completely dominant in the last 2 games

This early advantage quickly spiralled out of control as Drow’s weak trilane got punished by VP’s hyper aggressiveness, while No[o]ne continued to dominate the mid lane and s4 couldn’t really pose any real threats or hinder Roman ‘RAMZES666’ Kushnarev’s farm. In contrast, Drow died 5 times in less than 10 minutes, and OG were forced to group up and play around Clockwerk’s hook initiations to crawl their way back into the game. However, the lineup’s over reliance on skillshots under heavy pressure to perform led to several misplays across the game, all of which Virtus.Pro welcomed with open arms. The CIS representative powered through all of OG’s outer towers with very little resistance, and when VP brawled 2 minutes straight without any major casualties inside of the enemy’s base, there was really no hope left for Fly and his team. OG threw in the towel for game 2, and VP was only one victory away from claiming The Summit 6.

Game 3

With their backs against the wall, OG decided to go all out on strange picks with the Chaos Knight – Wisp combo, Templar Assassin in mid and a support Treant Protector, while Virtus Pro picked Ember Spirit for No[o]ne, with the Lifestealer/Slardar combo. The game again started out full of action as OG smoked up and dived straight into VP’s tier 1. A bloodbath ensued after that where the Russian squad came out 1 kill ahead thanks to the tower armor buff. Things even turned out worse for OG as Ana were forced to take Meld on level 1, which ended up horrible against Ember Spirit and the occasional ganks coming from Enchantress. While VP couldn’t dominate the lanes as they did last game due to the lack of a constant support, they were able to again pick up good farm on their cores. By the 10 minute mark, 4 of VP’s heroes were sitting on the top half of the net worth chart, and they seemed to be in complete control of the game.

OG tried to beat their opponents at their own game by being active with the movements and Relocate ganks, but VP outmaneuvered them at every single turn and further their leads on items and levels. The game dragged on for another 15 more minutes of Virtus Pro running over OG before the inevitable and somewhat anti-climatic ending to The Summit 6.


The new Virtus Pro is looking extremely formiddable 

With this victory, Virtus Pro has proven themselves to be one of the teams to look out for in the upcoming Boston Major. Their versatility as well as precise coordination proved to be a dangerous weapon that is fitting to the original aggressive playstyle of the CIS region. Evil Geniuses and Team OG also showed up to be in top shape, while Wings Gaming still looked very formidable despite their early defeat. This is also a valuable experience for teams such as NP or Digital Chaos who were still looking to stabilize their strategies, and The Summit 6 was the perfect opportunity to do so.

The Summit 6 Final Standings:

  1. Virtus Pro
  2. Team OG
  3. Evil Geniuses
  4. Wings Gaming
  5. Team NP/Digital Chaos
  6. Digital Chaos/Team NP
  7. Team Faceless/EHOME
  8. EHOME/Team Faceless
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