Unicorns of Love versus Giants EU Quarterfinals review


Unicorns of Love versus Giants EU Quarterfinals review

We’ve seen a major upset in the EU LCS on Saturday. Unicorns of Love (also known as the Giants Slayers) were the underdogs of this match, but came on top to defeat Giants Gaming 3 – 1. It was a big upset as Giants were the favorites to win this match do to finishing 5th in the regular split and having great performances versus better teams. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the games.

Game 1

The Unicorns pick a strong teamfighting composition with Kennen and Ashe. Ashe can pick off targets with her ultimate to make opportunities for Kennen to engage with his ultimate. The Unicorns put a lot of emphasis towards their top lane Kennen to get him ahead as their team composition relied on the Kennen and Ashe getting ahead. They were able to get the Kennen ahead due to Move´s amazing performance. I feel like Giants didn’t focus enough on Vizicsacsi to shut him down. If they would have focused him harder in laning phase, Unicorn´s team composition would be pretty useless. Another thing I would like to point out is that in the mid to late game Giants tried to teamfight versus the Unicorn´s teamfight composition which was ahead. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it didn’t help them either. They would have lost if they didn’t force fights (even though they didn’t win fights, it is better to try then to just straight off lose). The Unicorns won this game by quite a large margin and Vizicsacsi really made it look easy with his amazing Kennen ultimates that turned teamfights around.

Game 2

The Unicorns didn’t decide to pick the same composition. The Giants actually did what they should have done in game 1, focus Vizicsacsi in the laning phase a lot. It made him pretty useless throughout the game. I was actually surprised on Move´s mistake, especially the one in the early game where he tried to help Vizicsacsi, who was almost certainly dead, but got collapsed on and died in the end. He also got caught a ton, and we couldn’t really compare his performance in game 1 to his performance in game 2. Hylissang was also getting caught a lot (not only in these games but throughout the entire series). We have to give it to Giants, they played really decisive and their shot calling in this game was on point. Unicorns did the same as Giants did in the previous game, they forced fights they couldn’t win (same deal as with Giants, if they wouldn’t do that they would just straight off lose). We do have to point out that even though the Unicorns struggled this game, Exileh still performed well on Kassadin, being the only player with a positive KDA on his team.


Giants Gaming logo Courtesy of Giants Gaming

Game 3

In game 3, Giants still tried to pressure top lane a lot in the laning phase, but they weren’t as successful as in game 2, Vizicsacsi still had a huge CS led and was quite fed. Move also played miles better than the previous game (Rek’Sai is one of his strongest champions). The man of the match for game 3 was definitely Exileh. He performed tremendously well on Vladimir and was a big reason of why they won team fights. Hylissang´s Bard looked really good as well. His ultimates were really good for catching people who were over extending. There was a slight misplay in the early game, where Hylissang roamed mid, got an ultimate off on Night, but failed the binding on him, getting killed in the process. Nothing more to say here, the Unicorns just used their lead to win the game.

Game 4

Giants again tried to camp Vizicsacsi in the top lane. They tried an early dive, but Vizicsacsi survived with a slither of health while Move came top and cleaned them up. I do actually believe that this event caused the Giants members to become tilted, which really affected their play and made them do stupid mistakes. Unicorns developed a huge lead and just stomped through the game. I do actually believe that the Giants lost this game in champion select. Picking both of the solo laners (top and mid) in the first rotation is really stupid, and saving the last pick for a support is just insane. They got easily counterpicked and this just led to them losing the game hard.

There are some other things I would like to point out about this entertaining series.

Amazing performance by Exileh

Fabian “Exileh” Schubert is a rookie to the EU LCS. He joined the Unicorns at the start of the split, when their mid laner Hampus “Fox” Myhre left to join Schalke 04. He struggled in the first half of the regular split, but slowly started to develop into an excellent player, able to carry games on his own. He is well known for his great Kassadin plays, but he is also a great Victor player. He has evolved so much as a player, which I think proves that the Unicorns coaching staff is one of the best in Europe.


Exileh Courtesy of Riot Games

Veritas´s zoning Ashe arrows

We couldn’t even count how many zoning arrows Kim “Veritas” Kyoung-min hit in the series. His amazing performance on Ashe as well as Corki and Lucian was a huge factor to Unicorns success. He is also a rookie to the EU LCS. He joined at the start of the summer split after Pierre “Steelback” Medjaldi left for Roccat. A lot of people have criticized Veritas, blaming him in the first half of the split when Unicorns struggled. He has, similarly to Exileh, evolved into a great player. He fills the role of a utility ADC, which really helps the Unicorn´s team structure.


Veritas Courtesy of LoleSportsPedia

Night performing even when his team isn´t

The Giants played very poorly throughout the series, but there was a player who tried his best and impressed all of us. Gun-woo “Night” Na performed in every single game, even when his team got stomped hard. I felt really bad for him, as we could see how hard he tried to carry his team, but the others just underperformed heavily. Night is also a rookie in the EU LCS. He had to fill big shoes when their former mid laner Issac “xPePii” Flores left. xPePii was the superstar of Giants and similar to Night, was the player that performed when the others didn´t.


Night Courtesy of Yahoo Esports

SmittyJ´s poor performance

Lennart “SmittyJ” Warkus joined Giants in spring 2016. He struggled through spring and the first half of summer but had some really big plays in the second half. He was really hyped, and his matchup with Vizicsacsi (who is also considered a great top laner) could have been very entertaining. However, SmittyJ played quite poorly and Vizicsacsi stomped him in lane even though he got a lot of ganks and help from his team. Watching the series, I was thinking how much more entertaining the matchup would be if SmittyJ would play to his strengths, but he let the Giants fans down.


SmittyJ Courtesy of Lol Gamepedia

Kiss “Vizicsacsi” Tamás: “G2 isn’t invincible”

Exileh and Vizicsacsi didn’t tell us much in the interview. Vizicsacsi pointed out that the team has great synergy. Another thing that was very interesting to me was that he said this was not the case with any of the previous rosters. I always thought the first roster with Vizicsacsi, Kikis, PowerOfEvil, Vardags and Hylissang worked really good together (they got 2nd place in spring 2015), but this doesn’t seem to be the case.


Vizicsacsi Courtesy of thescoreesports

What does this series mean for both of the teams?

It was actually quite an important series. Unicorns are guaranteed a spot in the semifinals. They will play versus G2, which will be a hard matchup. They still have 3 chances to make it to worlds. They can either win the split, get there by points or through the gauntlet.


UOL Logo Courtesy of UOL

For Giants, it is a lot more difficult. They cannot win the split, they can´t get to worlds by points. The only way for them to get to worlds is to win the gauntlet. They would have to win 3 BO5 matches to get there, which is quite difficult.

I believe the Unicorns have a better shot on getting to worlds, but it will be very difficult.

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