Top 5 Team Compositions in League of Legends

Top 5 Team Compositions in League of Legends


You have probably tried a pre-arranged team composition before. There are a ton of them, and each has many variants. Here are my top 5 team compositions in League of legends.

#5 Ball Delivery Composition

The ball delivery composition is not commonly used in SoloQ, as it requires good team coordination. It is, however, a perfect team composition for premade groups. Its core champion is Orianna, as she is the one that brings the ball mechanic. The other four champions are based on preference. There should be at least 2 champions who have good spells for engaging teamfights, as the composition is heavily reliant on getting the ball in the middle of the enemy team. Alistar, Malphite, Rek´Sai, Zac, Aatrox, and Ekko are great examples of champions who can get the ball deep in the enemy team.


Orianna Courtesy of Riot Games

How do you execute this composition?

As previously, the composition is based on Orianna getting the ball as deep into their team as possible and using her Shockwave ability when the ball gets in. This creates a huge opportunity fort he other team members, as they can start dealing damage while the enemies are CC´d and damaged from her ultimate. Adding a hard CC champion (Malphite) even extends the duration of the CC as well as the damage output.

What are the risks of the composition?

The risk is that if the Orianna gets focused in the fight or she just simply isn´t able to land the ultimate, the combo will be nonexistent. This creates a huge gap for the enemy team to engage a fight which you won´t win.

How do I counter this composition?

Countering an Orianna based composition isn´t as hard as you may think. An assassin that can get through the front line to get to her can easily eliminate the main factor of the composition, making it prety useless. A champion like Bard can also counter it hard, ulting his team or even Orianna to prevent her from landing the ultimate.

#4 Yasuo Ultimate Composition

The Yasuo Ultimate Composition is very similar to the Orianna composition due to the similarities in executing it. It consists of Yasuo and several champions that have knock up abilities. Alistar, Zac, Aatrox, Cho´Gath, Braum, Thresh, Gnar, Malphite, and Kalista (binding her support) are all great champions next to Yasuo to execute the composition.

yasuo header

Yasuo in-game Courtesy of Riot Games

How do you execute this composition?

One of the engage champions has to engage the teamfight, knocking up as many enemies as possible. It is good to have more than one champion with knock up, as there is a bigger chance of hitting more people with the ultimate that way. The Yasuo ults when he sees there are as many enemies in the air as possible, and as soon as he ults, the other part of the team follows him. Yasuo´s ultimate brings great CC (next to the knockbacks), so they should be CC´d for a long time and they also take damage. Having a good ADC that can do consistent damage when they are CC´d is advised.


What are the risks of the composition?

Similar to the ball composition, it is reliant on the other members to consistently hit their CC abilities. There is also another risk. Unlike Orianna, Yasuo is a melee champion, and his ultimate brings him in melee range, meaning if you get CC´d you might die. The Yasuo player must also have good mechanics to know when to ultimate and get consistent damage after the ultimate ends, not dying in the process.

How do you counter the composition?

A champion on the team that can shield the CC (Morgana) that can protect your carries is a way to counetr this composition. Assassins wont work if your Yasuo is a good player and is able to outplay the assassin.


#3 Kennen Composition

The Kennen composition is a composition that is based on Kennen getting deep into their team, ulting, and using his Zhonyas to CC and damage them, while the other team members do damage. It wasn´t used as much in the past but with the addition of the Protobelt item, Kennen has another tool to get as deep into their team as possible. The composition should of course consist of Kennen, but unlike the two previously mentioned the other champions aren´t as important. The composition heavily relies on the Kennen getting fed though, so an early game jungler helps (Lee Sin, Rek´Sai for example).


Blood Moon Kennen Courtesy of Riot Games

How do you execute this composition?

It is actually quite simple and very effective. The Kennen engages with either ultimate or flash (or both), uses his ultimate and Zhonyas (not required, but you will survive longer). The other allies then follow up with their damage and win the teamfight.

What are the risks of this composition?

There is a big risk if the Kennen isn´t fed. We have seen an example in the NA LCS Semifinals where the Immortals tried to play a Kennen composition, but their Kennen wasn´t fed enough and just died instantly in teamfights, dealing very low damage.

How do I counter the composition?

You can counter this composition simply by preventing Kennen from getting deep in your team. You can use CC, an Azir wall, or a Taliyah wall to prevent him from jumping in. CC removing items or CC preventing spells also help a lot to save your carries, but it won’t help if you are all stunned, and it certainly won’t negate the damage.

#2 Juggermaw

We have all heard of the Juggermaw composition. It’s a team composition based on most of the team protecting the Kog’Maw so he can dish out consistent damage. The composition was used in competitive play a ton, but there are some downsides to it. It requires a team based on Kog’Maw, 2-3 champions to peel for him (Lulu mid, Janna support, a tank with CC top) with one champion to engage teamfights (Amumu is a good example).


How do you execute this composition?

The player responsible for engage starts the fight, while the others follow. Kog’Maw tries to do as much damage as possible, while the other members peel for him and keep him alive.

What are the risks of this composition?

There is a huge risk if the Kog’Maw player doesn´t have good enough mechanics to consistently deliver damage and position himself. All the compositions I mentioned above also counter the Juggermaw composition hard, as they can CC the peelers and just kill Kog’Maw. You should also use it in premade only as you cant rely on your SoloQ teammates to peel for you and to realize they must pick a composition around you.

How do you counter the composition?

You can pick one of the above mentioned compositions or just pick a team with heavy CC that have gap closers to get in the back line. Assassins can also negate it, but it gets quite hard as everyone tries to peel him. The goals of countering the composition is killing the Kog’Maw, so try to experiment a bit.

#1 Curse of the Sad Bullet Time

Players who have been playing for less than 2-3 years probably never heard of it. Older players might, however, know about this composition and the use in competitive play. It is a hard CC composition with Miss Fortune dealing damage with her ultimate in the back line. The main factors are Amumu and Miss Fortune, while the other champions can be anything with ranged CC or gap closing CC. Aatrox top, Amumu jungle, Fizz mid, MF ADC and Sona support was one of the strongest variants as it had a ton of CC and damage.


How do you execute this composition?

Its very simple, the other team members have to land CC and Miss Fortune uses her ultimate to hit as many people as possible. After hitting the CC, the other members should peel for MF so she doesn’t get killed.

What are the risks of the composition?

If the MF gets picked off before the fight or in the middle of it, the composition is very useless.

How should I counter this composition?

Pick an assassin or some ranged CC to kill MF before the fights. Basically, don´t let her get her ultimate off and you will be good.

These are my top 5 team compositions. They can be very entertaining, especially playing with friends, so I encourage you to try them out for yourself.


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