Top 5 Features Riot should implement into League of Legends

Have you ever played a different game than League and wondered about a feature in that game and thought of how it would look when implemented in League? Well, here is the list of my top 5 features I would like to see Riot implement into League of Legends.

#5 Different skins for Summoner’s Rift

The only skin for Summoner´s Rift is the default one. There used to be a Winter and a Harrowing skin, but Riot didn’t remake them when they made the new map. The Butcher’s Bridge map was a great example of what Riot could do with Summoner´s Rift as well. They have two options. Either they make completely new maps with different features similar to Heroes of the Storm, or they just make maps that look different, but still have the same features as the default map (similar to a custom map skin). This would bring a lot more diversity into the game and it would make it less boring. I always thought playing 1000+ games on the same map is boring, then Riot updated it in Season 5, but it would definitely be more interesting if there would be multiple maps. There are however negative consequences, particularly affecting professional play. Teams would have to prepare for different maps, but this isn’t so negative. For example, team A would be better on one map, while team B would be better on other maps. It would make watching professional matches more interesting, but at the same time unfair. If the map that the team is good at doesn’t get picked they would be at a disadvantage. Riot would have to develop a system that lets teams ban one map (that would mean they have to make at least 4 maps, more would make sense) and then the system randomly picks a map. Teams would then have to adjust their draft to the map that got picked. The odds of these feature ever coming to League are very small, as there are other MOBAs that already have this and they might have legal trouble for copying their idea.


Sand rift Courtesy of Map skins

#4 Custom voice packs / announcers

If you ever played Dota 2 or watched any videos on it, you might have noticed some people use custom voice packs, which can be purchased in the Dota store on Steam. They cost $8 per voice pack and are a great way to customize the game. Riot actually did something similar not long ago, with the Gankplank announcer during the Bilgewater event. Instead of the normal, female announcer saying things like “An ally has been slain”, Gankplank would say “Your allies feeding the fishes”. I found it hilarious and really entertaining. Following this, we know Riot is able to make those, so it probably wouldn’t be hard to implement them into the store so players can buy them for IP/RP. It would be another good way to spend IP for players who already have all champions etc. Similar to different maps, it would bring more diversity and make the game more entertaining. There aren’t any bad things about this feature, as every player can pick their own announcer pack (if they don´t like it, they can stick to the default announcer). I would personally like to see professional players voice packs (an Imaqtpie announcer pack would be epic) or champion voice packs. The possibilities are endless.


Imaqtpie Courtesy of Imaqtpie

#3 Skin preview feature

How many times did you want to buy a skin in the store, but couldn’t quite picture how it looks in game? The splash arts are usually very inaccurate and the skin doesn’t look the same in game. Riot should add a 3D model viewer in the store, where you could check how the skin looks or even try it out in a custom game to see how it looks in game. It would be an awesome feature that might actually increase their sales numbers on skins. We know Riot are already working on a new client so implementing a new feature like this now would make a lot of sense. There are no negative sides to this feature, but I think Riot are trying to prioritize other features.


Pulsefire Ezreal Model Courtesy of Riot Games

#2 Voice chat

Your team gets ready for baron, but the enemies spot what you are doing. you want to tell your team that it is not smart to fight the enemies since they have a massive combo with Malphite/Orianna. You start typing when suddenly, you get ulted by the malphite and you die, throwing the game. How could this be prevented? Voice chat is a feature that is used in many modern games and is a core part of team based games (Overwatch is a great example of a game that utilizes voice chat all the time). Riot have previously stated that they won’t implement voice chat, due to it increasing negative behavior. However, in a recent Ask Riot they have stated they will starting to investigate the potential of implementing this feature as the new client gets released. It would be a good feature for the above mentioned issues with typing, but it would have big negative consequences. As Riot stated, negative behavior would increase in terms of bullying through voice chat, shouting to distract your team etc. I think if Riot thinks about it and adds a mute button to the voice chat, similar to what we have now with the regular chat, the negative behavior will decrease.  There is a problem with the mute function, if a player is muted he cannot communicate with his team. This defeats the purpose of voice chat and makes it useless for the player (even though pings are still a great way of communicating).

#1 Sandbox Mode

We have all heard of it before. Sandbox Mode is a feature fans, professionals and casual players have been requesting for a very long time. Sandbox Mode is basically a feature, in which champions have no cooldowns, no resources and can spawn minions/structures on their own will. You might ask what the purpose of this feature would be. Well, many professionals as well as casual players stated that the feature would help practice mechanics for champions that require more practice as well as complex strategies. Instead of practicing in normals, they could practice them in Sandbox Mode and not ruin other people’s games (no more first time Zed). It would also open a feature for players to find bugs, which would help Riot fix the feature. The feature was once officially canceled, but Riot later said they made a mistake and stated they will not stop researching options for implementing Sandbox Mode. We have to understand that Riot would have much more work than just developing the feature. They would have to maintain it and update it every patch to be compatible with the changes. I am looking forward to seeing this feature in the future, so it deserves the first spot on my list.

sandbox mode

Sandbox Mode Courtesy of Riot Games

What are the odds on any of these features happening?

I think the different 5v5 maps won’t be happening at all. As I already said, it would bring Riot a lot of legal trouble as it would be copying another MOBA that is a direct competitor to League. For the voice packs, they might happen, but not anytime soon. Riot has other projects to work on at the moment and this feature is not their primary concern. It wouldn’t be hard to implement it, but it just isn’t a priority to release a feature like this at the moment. The Skin preview feature might happen in the new client, but Riot haven’t mentioned anything about it yet, so it isn’t very likely it is coming. I already mentioned Riot did confirm voice chat, so it might be coming with the new client as well, but Riot didn’t mention it yet. Sandbox mode isn’t confirmed to be canceled, so I don´t know what to expect. They certainly aren’t working on it yet, since they have numerous other projects.

Where is the replay system?

You probably expected the replay system to be one of the features on the list, but I don’t think it earns a spot on the list. There are so many programs that don’t use a lot of resources and are pretty reliable (Baron Replays for example) which do the job just as well as the replay system would. We know Riot was at some point working on the feature, but I am not sure what the state of it is at the moment.

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