The Most Riveting, Interesting & Important Genji Fact Ever Unveiled

So we all know that Genji needs healing.

But there is so much more we always wanted to know about Genji. The most pressing question being, “Does he use the bathroom?”

Okay, so maybe some of us weren’t ever wondering about Genji’s bowel movements. But apparently a Thai gaming website, Online-Station, had this question on the brain: In an exclusive interview with Overwatch‘s lead writer Michael Chu, Online-Station couldn’t help but ask about Genji’s bathroom behaviors.

The question reads: “Everyone knows that some parts of Genji’s body are cyborg. We want to know if the lower part of Genji is [all] cyborg. If so, can he use the bathroom?”

We know.

Very important.

And for everyone wondering about Genji’s bowel movements Chu stated, “I assure you that the bottom half of Genji is normal.”

Thank. God.

This question is also a huge relief to anyone who is sexually attracted to Genji. Or anyone that has him in some God forsaken ship with another Overwatch hero. Or anyone who has shipped themselves with Genji.

Chu noted that it’s possible to see that his torso is still made of flesh in Genji’s Blackwatch skin.

We won’t judge you if you turn on the game right now, select this skin in the Hero Gallery, and turn Genji around until you can see the back of his legs. I swear, we won’t.

In fact, I’ll do it right now to make you feel less like a creep.

Not because I want to.

When viewing the back of Genji’s Blackwatch skin, it’s clear that Genji is a cyborg from the knee downward. But it’s questionable if his torso and thighs are also robotic, or just underneath armor. Unlike Chu, I do not believe the skin makes it very clear what parts of Genji are cyborg, and which aren’t.

So thank you, Online-Station, for asking the strange questions so we don’t have to.

Genji Shimada became a cyborg after a near-death confrontation with his brother Hanzo, who became enraged when Genji refused to take a more active role in their late father’s empire.

Although Genji has “made peace” with his augmented body, Overwatch‘s official Genji biography reads that Genji was at first repulsed by his new body and felt at war with himself.

He drifted for many years,” the tale continues, “before crossing paths with Zenyatta. Though Genji initially rejected Zenyatta’s wisdom, the benevolent omnic would not be deterred. […] He learned to accept that although he had a cyborg body, his human soul was intact, and he came to see his new form as a gift and a unique strength.”

Also, he can still take a dump and make love, so what was there to really hate. Am I right?

In the same Online-Station interview, we also learned other hard-hitting facts:

  • The Junkertown Queen’s hair is blue
  • Hanzo’s Dragonstrike is not magic
  • Jetpack Cat was almost a hero
  • When D.Va is in her MEKA, she’s positioned as if riding a motorcycle
  • They have no plans to unveil Roadhog’s face

Part of what fans love about Overwatch is the amount of detail and thought put into each hero and map. With a game so rich in lore – including epic short animations and detailed comics giving some insight into a hero’s past – it’s easy to see why some publications conjure up such seemingly ridiculous inquiries.

We know about D.Va’s involvement with the Korean Army’s Mobile Exo-Force. And we know about her career as a esports celebrity. But we honestly don’t know how her body’s positioned inside her MEKA.

Well, we don’t know until we ask.

So, what burning questions would you have for the writers of Overwatch if you had the chance to interview them?

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