The British Hurricane Unveil Their Roster and Logo

The British Hurricane has unveiled their colors, logo, name and – most exciting – their full European roster for the second season of the Overwatch Contenders. In an exclusive press release, the CLoud9-owned team revealed the team’s much-anticipated roster:

Main Tank – Cameron ‘Fusions’ Bosworth (United Kingdom) | @FusionsOW

Off Tank – Hafþór ‘Hafficool’ Hákonarson (Iceland) | @Hafficool

Flex DPS – Finley ‘Kyb’ Adisi (United Kingdom) | @Kyb_b

Hitscan DPS – Phillip ‘Kragie’ Krag Brems (Denmark) | @KragieOW

Main Support – Ryan ‘CrusaDe’ van Wegen (Netherlands) | @CursaDe_OW

Support – Daniel ‘FunnyAstro’ Hathaway (United Kingdom) | @funny_astro

Flex Support – Jakob ‘bock1’ Kleveland (Sweden) | @bock1OW

Coach – Nicholas ‘ShiftyOW’ Travis (USA) | @OverwatchTactic

Manager – Ysabel ‘Noukky’ Müller (Germany) | @NoukkyIzzy

According to the press release, these players are from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, and have formerly played on world-renowned teams like Cloud9 Europe, 123 and Singularity.

Here’s a neat little montage about Kyb so you can check out the kind of talent we’re working with here:

Oh, and here’s their awesome logo:

Not to be confused with London Spitfire’s logo:

“Like Spitfire,” stated the press release, “the name Hurricane was chosen as a homage to an iconic British aircraft used by the Royal Air Force. The Hawker Hurricane was introduced in 1937 and played a decisive role in the Battle of Britain as it flew alongside Britain’s other famous World War II warplane, the Supermarine Spitfire.” 

So, I’m not a huge plane enthusiast – an ‘aviation addict’ some may say (okay, nobody says that) – but yeah, this plane is pretty badass.

Taking it to the sky, the team will be represented by the colors dark blue and light blue, similar to the London Spitfire.

Overwatch Contenders is set to begin in March 2018 with each of the 12 city-based franchises in Overwatch League having a team in the highly-anticipated development league.

For more information on British Hurricane and London Spitfire, visit and, or follow the teams on Twitter at @Hurricane and @Spitfire.

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