The Best Deck Ever And Why It’s Dog’s Concede Shaman

Dog’s Concede Shaman (which he took to the Summer Prelim Tournament this year) is the best deck ever made and here’s why.


It surprises everyone. The initial thought of any opponent is “*sigh* another coin flip aggro shaman game.” But slowly they realize something isn’t quite right. “No tunnel trogg?” they ask. “Turn two hero power?”. “Where is the Tuskarr?”. And then you play Far Sight and you can see them mouse around in confusion, as it dawns on them.


You get to play Morgl the Oracle. Now, I love murlocs, but I hate all these tempo shaman decks that ruin my rogue-y fun, so before I found this deck I was racked with conflict about playing shaman. No more! Now I can have my cake, and eat it too as I play a fun deck while I play as a murloc.


It’s a kind of deck that Hearthstone rarely sees. There are decks like this in other TCGs (Magic the Gathering comes to mind) but for the most part Hearthstone is really devoid of spell heavy combo decks. Even miracle rogue these days is very minion heavy. This is one of the few (and maybe only) decks in Hearthstone that can get away with running removal, draw, and one big combo and completely ignore the 1-4 mana slots for minions. It’s an extremely rewarding deck to play because of this. You know exactly how much removal you have, and you know what you have to deal with, so you have to be very stingy with your resources.


You get to play cards that you wouldn’t otherwise. Hallzeal, Earth Elemental, Elemental Destruction: wonderful cards that see no play because of fit. Well now they can. It reminds me of my favorite card in Hearthstone: Trade Prince Gallywix. Great body, great effect, couldn’t find a place in rogue. Same thing goes for Hallzeal. Well now he can see play, right here in Concede Shaman.


That deck really does live up to its name. Call me a sadist, but there is nothing I enjoy more than watching an aggro deck try to beat me down, only to heal up 14 health for 3 mana and watch as the dump more and more of their hand onto the board until that fateful moment when I drop a Hallzeal-Destruction or an Ancestral Spirited Bog Creeper and watch as they read the effect before conceding. You aren’t just defeating them in Hearthstone, you’re stealing their time to keep them from ruining other people’s ladder experience. Truly the good samaritan of decks.


Who doesn’t want to create 4 Rags that resummon themselves as a deathrattle?


Now that I’ve decisively convinced you that this is clearly the best deck in Hearthstone, you may be wondering “How do I play this great deck, oh sensei ToTheLMac?” And to you I respond, here, have a guide.


There are two modes of this deck: One for trying not to die (against aggro) and one for setting up the most bonkers combo ever (control).


Against aggro this deck just tries to stay alive long enough to get a taunt down to ancestral spirit, then ideally faceless it. Keep your AoE in the mulligan, as much as you can get your hands on. The biggest thing this deck lacks is ways to deal with lost of single target midrange minions so having an elemental destruction in hand is huge going into turn 5 or 6, especially if they’ve run away with the board. If you can get a taunt duplicated with Ancestral, you are good to go. Most of the time aggro won’t have enough resources to deal with it.


Against control you are looking for the dream Ragnaros combo. You know that crazy stuff you tried when you first started playing Hearthstone (like Ancestral Spirit Kel’Thuzad) but then figured out this game wasn’t about fun and the meta was always too fast? Well they lied to you, it is possible with this deck. The ideal is hitting one of your combo pieces (Ancestral Spirit, Faceless, Rag) with Farsight as it will nitro boost your combo. But barring that, you can also get it off in one turn if you can reduce the combo pieces but 5 mana (which means 2 turns of Emperor). Usually, you are going to drop Rag-Ancestral spirit combo, hope he can’t clear both of them, then Ancestral Spirit the Rag that lives and Faceless that. Most control decks won’t have enough removal to deal with everything you just dropped on them and the insect killing army of 2 self resurrecting Rags will smack their face relentlessly until you’ve finally gotten through that 50 armor.


When you are ready to ascend (get it? Because Hallzeal?), then come to here to find this amazing deck list which truly is the best deck ever.

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