The benefits of playing ARAM

ARAM is one of the many game modes that League of Legends has to offer. In this game type, players are given a random champion to take down into the Howling Abyss and fight the enemy team. The inherent randomness of the champion selection is a great way to expand on a player’s champion pool, because even though re-rolls are available, nobody will always get what they’re good with. It teaches players to work with what they are given, as a team is not always going to have a standard composition. That’s something that gives everyone a chance to learn how to adapt to the many fight environments this mode has to offer.

As a short game mode, players start at the third level with some modified stats. This part of ARAM is what shows players how to work with a new champion, giving them a chance to learn their mechanics, strengths, and weaknesses outside of the Rift. People usually don’t pick champions outside of their comfort zone, and this game mode gives them a reason to explore more characters in this vein. Having to not worry about the many variables involved in an actual game on the Rift, such as warding and map awareness, allows players to just focus on improving their mechanics with a champion and working with their team.



ARAM is a great place to learn some of the core fundamentals that are necessary to fighting as a team, including things such as kiting, peeling, positioning, engaging and disengaging, and most importantly, learning how to work together and synergize, even with complete strangers. Being forced to work only in a single lane makes it where every moment spent in ARAM feels like some part of an extensive teamfight that spans the length of the game. The added bonuses of this game mode is that with the semi recent changes made, it has cut down on a lot of excess time that used to be spent here. With team gold changes and minion buffs, pushing through the lane was made easier to do, allowing weirder team comps to get by because of this. And after a stressful amount of time one can put through even in just one game on the Rift, mixing it up with ARAM is a good way to relieve some of that feeling, as games should never last too long in the Howling Abyss.

With the changes made to how each player on a team receives gold, it became easier for every player to buy items to combat the enemy team’s composition. Even though the player isn’t on the Rift, the shorter amount of time spent here allows players to explore more build options against different team types and gives the chance to learn how to use situational items in a more niche setting. As properly building a champion is one of the core ways to really win in this game, the changes made to gold really helps players learn how to build against the several champions and compositions this mode has to offer.

ARAM is a great way to mix up a night of League of Legends, and with how short games are, people can squeeze in more games in less time. If you’re feeling like you want to explore more champions within League of Legends in a fun environment, the Howling Abyss is a great way to get those games in with a new champion. If you were ignoring this game mode before, now is a great time to start trying it out!

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