The 5 Overwatch Ships You Should Support in 2018

A very tame example of Overwatch’s #1 searched ‘ship of 2017

By now, you’ve probably heard from a variety of esports websites that McHanzo is the most searched ‘ship of 2017, remaining at the constant, steady and steamy number one spot almost the entire year. The stoic samurai/cowboy duo was only topped by Pharmercy and Reaper76 for a short moment, but quickly gained momentum mid-year onward, earning it the most lusted after Overwatch fantasy couple of the year.

I mean, both dudes have a bionic arm, a goatee and should only be played by people who know how to aim. So I guess it makes sense if you really think about it. Not that I ever have.

I swear.

McHanzo being the most “researched” ‘ship isn’t really a surprise to anyone by now. And neither is Genji and Mercy, Mercy and Pharah and all of the other ‘ships on Google’s list. I mean, Junkrat and Roadhog? They’re from the same exactly storyline. Doesn’t take a genius to put together-

Alright. I’m calming down now.

So, we aren’t here to repeat these obvious picks. I want to list off some of the most overlooked and underrated Overwatch ‘ships of 2017, some of which have been brought up briefly. And others that I basically made up (based on Overwatch lore and personality traits) but will hopefully get some Tumblr fan art and Reddit discussions in 2018.

5 Overwatch Ships You Should Support in 2018

Reinhardt and Ana

I know, I know. Blizzard’s comic “Reflections” already destroyed the notion that Reinhardt is Pharah’s father. It appears her father is actually Egyptian. But that doesn’t mean these two older heroes weren’t lovers in a past life. YOU CAN’T SINK OUR SHIP THAT EASILY, BLIZZARD. SORRY.

People definitely pair these two because of their age. Reinhardt is 61. Ana is 60. And while that’s a very simple reason, it really doesn’t make that reasoning in itself wrong. But I find these two to have a lot more in common than their age and shared history with Overwatch. You can really just picture them as overprotective parents. Can’t you see Ana yelling out, “Stay behind your father’s shield, honey!” Or maybe Reinhardt bellowing, “Don’t run off to the payload without a nano boost from your mother!”

Bunny Ribbit

It’s really easy to ‘ship Lucio and D.Va together. They’re both young, upbeat, on-trend celebrities. And it’s no surprise that Heroes of the Storm has possibly set sail to this ‘ship with Lucio’s dialogue: “I play a lot of music. But you’re still my favorite song.” It’s even cuter (if you’re into that kind of thing) when you know that D.Va’s name is Hana Song. Song = song. Get it!?!? So this easy, breezy courtship might actually be canon.

Either way, the plethora of down-to-earth fan art of Lucio and D.Va lounging around playing video games, listening to music together and wearing each other’s clothes has made Bunny Ribbit a fan favorite. Although it’s not as steamy as McHanzo or some of the other very – um – detailed ‘ship depictions on Google’s list. I am honestly surprised their ‘ship has stayed so innocent for the most part. But it’s a pleasant surprise.

She Protec, He Attac

There’s a few fan-made photos of this robotic romance, but for the most part Orisa and Bastion have been unexplored. While Orisa and Bastion make for an obnoxious duo in-game (Cool, a shield is protecting Bastion as he sprays blindly at us. Cool, he is now on fire from my team walking into the underpass over and over again. This game is so fun.), I have a feeling they’d make a very, well, not annoying couple in real life.

From one of the saddest short films to ever exist, we learned that Bastion has been fighting his uncontrollable urge to destroy, thanks to reprogramming by the omnics during the Omnic Crisis. Originally designed to protect humans, Bastion would learn to heal and go back to his roots if paired with Orisa, who was also designed to defend her allies at all costs. Like a romantic comedy – but with robots – Orisa would show Bastion what it’s like to protect again. And he’d slowly forget his scarring past (piles of dead Bastion units, an uncontrollable rage within), looking towards a brighter future.

Also, the bird would be the comedic relief.


Doomfist appears to be a no-nonsense guy. He really seems to be on edge constantly. Always angry. I’m not sure if Blizzard really gave him more than one dimension, which is a shame. It takes layers to be a believable, relatable and likable character (ask Shrek), and for a game so heavy on hero lore it’s quite lame that Doomfist doesn’t seem to have even an ounce of humor or feelings. He’s just… Mad.

Sombra, on the other hand, might be part of Talon (aka a bad guy) but she’s not just pure evil like Widowmaker and Doomfist. She’s sarcastic. Playful. And maybe that’s what Doomfist needs to come out of his shell. He needs a woman who also wants the downfall of humanity, of course, but someone who is able to make him enjoy life a little. Doomfist has gone through a lot of hardships, including the loss of his arm. But so has Sombra, who was once an orphan manipulated by a gang in Mexico. Yet, she still loves to laugh.

And while Sombra might annoy him or make him roll his eyes, she might start to open his eyes to the fun side of life again. You can start a war against humanity, and STILL play a silly prank on each other in between strategy meetings. You can kill people, and STILL crack jokes while tossing their lifeless body into a ditch.

If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.


“Order overcomes choas.”

“The true enemy of humanity is disorder.”

Okay, so we all know by now that Symmetra really loves order. And hates disorder. This curvy and creative innovator seems to have it all. The only thing she seems to be lacking is a sense of humor. She takes things very, very seriously. Which is why fans speculated she might have a form of autism, which Jeff Kaplan later confirmed.

It can be difficult for many people to deal with Symmetra’s literal translations and her straight face when told a joke. But there is another hero who also seems to be just as insightful and literal as her: Zenyatta. And he would have no problem dating a human. In fact, Zenyatta fought for omnics and humans to live as one during the Omnic Crisis, promoting “connection” and “engagement.”

The wise guru is always preaching about peace and harmony. Quite frankly, Zenyatta and Symmetra both won’t shut up about order, order, order. These are two perfectionists who will most definitely get along. They would understand each other’s need for organization and balance. And they both have the same life goals, too: Bring peace and order to the world.  #RelationshipGoals2018

There would be no dirty dishes in that house. That’s for sure.

Do you have a lesser discussed Overwatch ‘ship that you hope will set sail in 2018? Let us know some of your favorite ‘ships on Twitter! We won’t judge you.

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