Terrel’s Top 5 Overwatch League Skins for Zenyatta

My top 5 Zenyatta skins for the Overwatch League

Yesterday was the end of the first week of the Overwatch League! Hooray! None of this pre-season BS we didn’t want. It was the real deal. But for the first week we weren’t doing predictions, we were focusing on what the skins were like. Especially on our favorite heroes. My favorite? Zenyatta.

Hence the title.

5. San Francisco Shock

I like this skin. The gold sash that goes down is pretty cool, along with it being on his back sash as well. Sporting the nice (yet safe) logo, the gold goes well with the orange. I like it. Also, it kind of looks like the colors of a certain Major League Baseball team, also known as the San Francisco Giants. His orbs also have the primary colors, which look great. And all the Zenyatta skins have the logo right on his orbs, like everyone else with their weapons. It’s just a small minute detail that I like that goes well, especially with this skin.

4. Los Angeles Gladiators

Okay, this skin is more like royalty. The dark (yes, royal) purple looks good against the silver sash and Zenyatta’s now black mechanical skin. As before, the silver sash goes in the back as well, but with this one, I’m actually liking the white logo against the sash, especially as the lion could be used as a crest on a knight’s armor. It’s hard to believe that the purple orbs could be better than the orange ones that the Shock have but they did a good job with the color scheme.

3. Los Angeles Valiant

This is the other Los Angeles team, the Valiant. I like it, but I’m am not a huge double gold on the sash (or the logo in general). I actually like the green though, as it reminds me of grass. Yes. Grass. But the darker tone of Zenyatta makes the green really stand out. I think that the orbs go really well with it. The logo on the orbs do have a little issue of being seen compared to the others, but the orbs kinda have that meditation feel to them, like stress balls. Overall this looks good, so it took that third spot.

2. Seoul Dynasty

I lied. I am actually digging this ensemble with the Tiger. The tiger is awesome, and one of the best logos in the Overwatch League. I mean, look at that black and gold. It contrasts so well. The darker parts compared to Zen’s light-skinned head makes the orbs REALLY stand out. But these orbs look like they belong in a garden, that leads to a door. That door leads to my number one pick.

1.Houston Outlaws

So, first thing first, I love the logo. The McCree guns that were used for the cow’s skull with the neon green emphasizing the white skull part of the logo itself. The neon green goes well with the black pants. However, the one thing that sticks out compared to the rest of the skins? The rope. The robe could actually look like the end of a cow’s tail itself.  Just that small detail makes it a lot better in my eyes. One of my main things is the color scheme of Zen’s head itself. The reason for that is because some of them (the NYXL skin comes to mind) look bad against the rest of the skin.

That is my  list on top 5 skins for Zenyatta. Do you agree? No? Tell me why on my Twitter @BTGTerrel and check out all our other content, as we have some excellent writers.

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