About Joseph Absher

My passion is sports and not just the traditional ones. I dabble in CS:GO,Overwatch, Starcraft 2, LoL and almost any other game you can think of. I write mainly CSGO articles for Break the Game and dream of Gabe Newell.

About Aristóteles Marín

Aristoteles is a 3rd year medical student from Venezuela. He grew up playing different genres of games with friends, like RTS, FPS and MMORPG. Today, he enjoys playing CS:GO and League of Legends whenever he has some time, but he always follows the competitive scene on eSports, as an old man reads his newspaper while eating his breakfast.


About Matt Sebring

I will play about any game you put in front of me, but I enjoy competitive FPS games the most. I write about gaming and life stuff in my spare time. However, I do digital marketing for a living. Oh and GO Cloud 9!

About Ben Read

18 year old UK writer and coordinator for CS:GO and Dota 2 at BTG.


About Grant Christopherson

Founder and Owner of Break The Game

About Jonas Elam Content Manager, League of Legends Content Coordinator, Writer, and Editor. I love playing, writing about, and watching video games.

About Grant Johnson

I'm a video game journalist and I love what I do. Interviewed more people than I can count on both hands (and feet) Including: Imagine Dragons, Liam O'brien, Nicki Taylor, and more!

About Martin Medina

eSports enthusiast following the scene since the days of Halo 3 on MLG and won't shut up about LCS. Average gamer.