Rocket Queen, FANKDA, Hits 5000 SR

The past few months have been great for both Overwatch and their players. In celebration of the game turning 1 year old on May 24th, an Anniversary event with patches was released having players frantically playing to obtain all the new goodies. Season 4 of competitive Overwatch has come and gone with Season 5 that started on May 31st. Everyone who plays competitive all have certain goals; whether it’s to move up a tier than before, beat their own season high from before or to hit the fabled max SR. An EU region player under the PSN FANKDA has hit the max SR on PS4 during season 4. Evermore was the first player on PC to hit 5000 SR during season 3, thus making FANKDA the first console player in general and the first EU region player to hit 5000.

Primera: First off, tell me a bit about yourself and how you got into Overwatch? Did your friends pressure you to get it? Did you see Blizzard’s advertisements? Did you play the beta and like it enough to buy the game?

Fankda: First of all, I’m Abdulrahman and I’m 17 years old. I like shooter games like Call of Duty and Overwatch. I saw a gameplay video for Pharah by mistake and I liked the game.

Primera: You’re the first person on console, specifically PS4 and from the EU region to hit 5000 SR. How do you feel hitting this max SR? What are your next plans? Will you continue playing Overwatch, will you migrate another game, or simply take a break?

Fankda: It felt great! I’ve always grinded hard for this and I’ve always wanted to hit the maximum rank. The closer I got to 5000 the more nervous I got, but it felt amazing and I’m so glad I achieved it. Not many players can say “I hit the max SR in Overwatch.” I will focus on Competitive Call of Duty in the near future; however, I will still play Overwatch in the next season.

Primera: What are some suggestions or tips that you can share with players to order to climb the SR ladder?

Fankda: Always pick your main character that you play and are comfortable with.  If need be, fill whatever role the team is missing and you feel confident in playing. Attempt to do your best despite difficulties, never troll, or rely on others. Communication is a must, so be open to talk to your fellow players in game.

I hope to see how next season will shape up and who will be the new person to hit 5000 SR. Perhaps we can see that player on Xbox side since PC and now PS4 has gotten someone in the 5000 club. Let me know your thoughts and predictions on platform and region of the player who will be next.

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