Real Life Hacks; Reviewing the Competitive Edge

A couple of weeks ago I wondered to myself whether it’s possible to improve at CS:GO by changing your approach to the game? I don’t mean settings, training, configs or hardware but whether changing elements of yourself or your environment could have an effect on victory or defeat. Can guzzling energy drinks increase your concentration, would being fit and healthy help with clutches? Catch up on prior reading below or dive straight into the thoughts and feedback of my current ability.

Real Life Hacks; Getting the Competitive Edge


Ok, here we are at the end of the first trial, results are in and I can already feel patterns emerging.  

I’ve recorded results by splitting the difference between the scores of the team and my personal score. So, for example, if we win 16 – 6 and I get 11 kills and 9 deaths the result would be 10 for the team and 2 for my KD ratio. This method will allow me to see my performance, the teams and my effect on the latter.

We’ll use the chart below as a template for the series. Following on from here with the energy drinks test and then onwards to whatever adventure may occur thereafter.




Donning our speculative spectacles and obligatory bubble pipe required for all analysis we delve in. I can see erratic ups and downs on the graph, we could, of course, put this down to the life of a solo queue match maker. At its best the solo queue is a reasonably unstable environment.

However, we have to be hard with ourselves from time to time, after all, that’s how we learn! Therefore, I conclude, this inconsistency could be down to a lack of skill. A high skilled player explosive game changer, regardless of the result should still produce for their team. The likes of Cajunb and GeT_RiGhT can hold their own even in the midst of a proper drumming.  

So, perhaps I am not an explosive player like them? Since I’ve been gaming I’ve always been the oats not the milk or syrup in the porridge. I ain’t the most exciting or liquid player but you can’t eat porridge without me!


I am a vocal caller but I am not an IGL, nor am I an entry fragger or lurker. I tend to play support. Especially in matchmaking mode where there tends to always be stand out heroes and rogues “lurking” or doing whatever they want. It makes sense to me to follow the mythical and much debated role of support.  

And yes, we can argue until the cows come home whether the role of support actually exists or whether it was created by analysts in order to class the less aggressive or creative  players in teams.

But Hey, I’m happy to accept that as I am a believer in the role of support, I believe players like Spiidi for Mouz, Xyp9x for Astralis, and (controversial opinion coming up) KRiMZ for GODSENT are epic support players. Allowing the dev1ce’s and Flusha’s of the world free roaming to play aggressive and risky as they have the support they need.


Anyway, enough about me and more about, well, me… Another notable point is that when the team wins, I win, My K/D ratio is positive and I contribute to the winning effort. Also, as the margin of victory increases so too does my ratio. However, when the team struggles and starts to fall out of the sight of victory then my ratio dips more than breadsticks in humus.

I should maintain a decent ratio even in the wake of defeat. On reflection, this would show that I am at least holding my position well. Stopping that entry to B site or shutting down a mid push. My current results dictate that I may well be a reason a team is winning or not, I may be losing my individual shootouts and contributing to the loss of rounds and eventually the game. I guess I should step up; will energy drink help me do that?

What I want to see as the graph extends is whether the introduction of energy drinks offers consistency in my play, will my k/d improve? My reactions get better? Will I be more focused? Play more aggressively and ultimately will this affect the result the team gets?


In a bid for consistency the energy drink will be the same, it will be a popular brand which I won’t mention as I’m not an advertiser but it will be the one with the animal, that’s a bull and a colour, that’s red.

Tune in for the next batch of results and the new test, will exercise and increasing my heart rate prior to matches increase my performance, will this be better than energy drinks, will my concentration improve? I will be using a free downloadable application and doing a mixture of core and respiratory exercises prior to my normal warmup to get the heart running at full RPM. So, which will up my game more? Catch you in a couple of weeks to find out.

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