Purify Priest

Purify Priest

Welcome everyone to a guide on Purify Priest! Since the release of Un’Goro I have been playing just about every deck imaginable, and finally came across a unique deck that combines everything I love about the game. Purify Priest is a combo oriented deck that forces the player to properly utilize and manage all of his resources in order to come out on top. It is challenging to play and I still find myself learning new things every time I queue up with it – this challenge is no match however for the immense reward that this deck yields. Before we take a look at the list, let’s talk a little about why this deck is now viable, and how it got there.

“When this card was first released it was universally considered sub par, though now it is a featured card in this list.”

Purify Priest as an idea has been around since before Un’Goro, but it lacked quite a bit to make it viable. With the addition of a few key cards priest as an entire class was elevated – and Purify just may be the best priest list. Shadow Visions and Humongous Razorleaf were the only Un’Goro cards added, but they make a world of difference. The goal of this deck is to OTK your opponent with Razorleaf using the Divine Spirit with Inner Fire combo, and the additions Un’Goro provided for the deck make that goal much easier.

First let’s talk Shadow Visions. This card is absolutely insane for finding combo pieces. Even if you don’t find the spell you want, you will probably have the option to take another Shadow Visions, and try again. The ability to scour through your spells without taking away copies from your deck is really what makes this OTK combo priest viable. The second step towards making this deck sucessful comes from the absurdly statted minion Humongous Razorleaf. This card of course falls under the Ancient Watcher category of high stats for low mana, with the large drawback of “Can’t Attack.” This however becomes much less of a problem when you have things like Silence and Purify in your deck. The extra health on Razorleaf means that with only two Divine Spirits and one Inner Fire, you have a 32/32 minion.

The Deck List

A viable  and debated tech cards for this deck is: Mass Dispel (Strong against Quest Warrior and Handlock) in place of Kabal Songstealer

So now that we know how the deck functions, let’s check out some of its match ups. In general the deck is well balanced. With good match ups into many decks on ladder – notably Rogue (both Miracle and Quest variants) and Hunter – the deck uses its early bodies and taunt creation to wall out the aggressive decks while stalling for time to combo. Where this deck struggles is often control decks that efficiently clear the big taunts, and can counter the OTK with a strong board of their own. Quest Warrior is a problem for Purify Priest, however Mass Dispel can really aid in this match up. Additionally, Handlock can often take wins from the deck if it gets going. Even these less than optimal match ups however are absolutely winnable, and the surprise factor helps A LOT in ladder games. Many times people leave a healthy Razorleaf on the board just to see it turn into a 32/32 before their eyes simply because of match up inexperience. Due to this deck being uncommon, and ladder meaning you always play someone new, you will find yourself stealing wins with this deck often. Overall the deck does great on ladder and it’s what I have been using to climb.

Personally, I love that priest has a strong list again. After so much hunting for the “Unicorn Priest” as many called it – the powerful priest list in a time of bottom tier priest – we may have finally found it. The justice tastes even sweeter knowing that Purify is the center of this deck, a card thought to be one of the worst releases… ever. This shows the power of cards to adapt over time, and shift heavily during new releases and metas; a unique and amazing aspect of Hearthstone.

Un’Goro created one of the most unique metas the game has ever seen. With countless decks that are viable, the ranked ladder is always an adventure. Purify Priest proves that combo decks are alive and thriving, as even just two new cards have turned Priest from Hearthstone’s laughing stock, into a competitive threat. I hope you enjoy one of my favorites, Purify Priest, and good luck on ladder!


Brayden Sunseri


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