Planet of Heroes – when a MOBA goes mobile

In the gaming universe, there is a steady trend towards mobile gaming, but eSports on the phone – will this ever work? A lot of small indie games tried to reach out to this sector, unfortunately with rather small success. The developer Fast Forward Studios however managed to create a game that has the chance to be a cornerstone for mobile eSports: the mini-MOBA Planet of Heroes.

The Forerunners and Order of Heroes did the impossible by taming the Devourer, ending his path of destruction. Now he resides within the bowels of the Ritual Planet in eternal slumber, kept in this state only by the emanations from the most primal emotions. The Heroes now battle in the arena, perpetually sating this vile-being’s hunger until the Forerunners can finish construction of a new prison. And the galaxy needs heroes…
You – the player – are a Strategist. Chosen by the Forerunners to control the Heroes, ensuring the destructive power of their “Sparks of Life” are kept in check. You will lead both the Heroes, and the universe, to victory!

The Game
Planet of Heroes is a free to play MOBA game for phones that is still in beta.
Currently the hero pool consists of 8 different characters, each with different abilities and since it is now only in beta, there surely are more to come. Before playing each side chooses three heroes, you control one at the time, but you can switch between them. A game lasts to 7 minutes and it works like a usual MOBA with spawning minions and objectives.


So far the servers are only open for a specific time, which you can always look up at their pages. Once they are open, there are different modes to play: Practice, PvP and Mission. Additionally there are daily quests. When successfully fulfilled, the rewarded gems and points can be for example used to unlock new heroes. You can also update your Characters with so called Runes. These are in-game items and each hero has up to 22 Runes. When activated they change the abilities, physical appearance and stats.


The controls are very simple, yet totally functional and sufficient. You can navigate your Hero through the map with your one thumb and attack, select your spells and heal yourself with your other thumb. This system works surprisingly well, resulting in an easy and working gameplay. It is not possible to buy in-game items, which I personally do not really mind, it is not really a missing component.
PoH is very close to the community and is eager to implement the feedback so it will be all smoothed and polished for full release.

The Fallen Leaf Brawl: competitive gaming on the phone
Another element of eSports that has some influence in PoH: they even held small competitions with prizes. During the Fallen Leaf Brawl, a so called Closed Test League tournament, you can win up to $100 in form of a Steam voucher. Not only individual skill matters, there also is a Team League. It starts out small, but apparently competitive gaming finds its way into the mobile world as well. Who knows, maybe someday huge tournaments will take place.


All in all, Planet of Heroes is already a really enjoyable game that takes a huge step away from hitherto existing comparable mobile games. Of course it does not have the depth and dimension that a game like DotA has, but it still is a completely solid game in itself. We should definitely keep an eye on the competitive mobile gaming scene and the publisher Fast Forward Studios, there is a lot of potential. You can play a smaller version of the big MOBA’s on the go, wherever you want, just on your phone – and maybe it will become even more.

Check out their page for more information

Image Courtesy: Planet of Heroes

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