Philadelphia Fusion Will Not Be Participating in the Overwatch League Preseason

Just two days before their scheduled preseason match with Florida Mayhem, the Philadelphia Fusion have announced that they’ll no longer be participating in the Overwatch League preseason due to “player logistics issues.”

This tweet from the Philadelphia Fusion‘s official Twitter account came soon after the news that one of Fusion’s tank mains Su-min SADO Kim was suspended from participating in the preseason for boosting other people’s Overwatch accounts. The infamous South Korean player was known to have been boosting before he was signed onto Philly’s team, which raised a lot of eyebrows in the Overwatch community.

Although the team hasn’t commented further about their “logistics” issues, it’s been widely speculated that other members of the team were unable to travel overseas in time. The Philadelphia Fusion has players and coaches from 10 nations, including South Korea, Israel, Spain, Canada and Russia. While the League has been fascinating Overwatch fans with its diverse teams, visa issues have also caused a lot of complications for some teams throughout the past few months – including Shanghai Dragons.

Those two complications have led to Philadelphia Fusion having to back down from the preseason, which requires at least six members of a team’s roster to be in Los Angeles in order to participate.

The San Francisco Shock will be taking Fusion’s spot against Florida Mayhem, according to Overwatch League’s official schedule:

“We apologize to our fans in Philadelphia and around the world who were looking forward to our preseason competition,” the Philadelphia Fusion tweeted out.

Despite the setback, Philadelphia Fusion has stated that they’re still scheduled to participate in their season opener of the League on Jan. 11.

This unfortunate setback has been one of many for Comcast Spectator’s team. After receiving flack for signing a known booster, the Fusion then released one of the cringiest videos in esports history. Compared to many intense roster hype videos, this since-deleted footage has seemed to set a negative tone around Fusion. Many publications have deemed them the “meme team.”

But through it all, Fusion has been professional and positive. And I think we need to cut them some slack. The Overwatch League is brand new. It’s unknown territory. And there’s bound to be missteps on the way to the League’s first season in January.

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