Rocket Queen, FANKDA, Hits 5000 SR

The past few months have been great for both Overwatch and their players. In celebration of the game turning 1 year old on May 24th, an Anniversary event with patches was released having players frantically playing to obtain all the new goodies. Season 4 of competitive Overwatch has come and gone with Season 5 that started on May 31st. Everyone

Hanzo, Genji, and Reaper Mega-Buffs Change Overwatch’s DPS Meta

A new patch is available for testing on the Overwatch PTR, and the changes contained in this one have the potential to completely shake up the meta.  After months of being left in the dark, and also out of the meta, Reaper is finally seeing changes that could bring him back into viability.  Both Shimada brothers are seeing minor quality

Console Overwatch League Concludes First Season With Epic Playoffs: Interview w/ Commissioner Brett

The Premier World League is finishing up its first season this weekend, April 28-30, with a playoff featuring the best of the best PS4 Overwatch players.  Teams will face off live on stream all three days, with a rotating crew of shoutcasters and analysts on hand to guide the audience through the action.  The weekend will start off with a

Overwatch Alienware Monthly Melee: Rogue Beats Selfless 3-2, Takes $6,000 Prize

April’s Alienware Monthly Melee has come and passed, and the recently relocated Rogue squad came out on top over a field of 8 elite teams.  Dropping a total of two maps in the entire tournament, Rogue’s triple DPS threat of AKM, Soon, and Nico proved too much for any team to handle.  The only team who managed to even come

Wall-riding into the New Meta: Is Lucio the New Best?

There is not much in the patch notes for patch 1.10 that hit live servers this week, but the content of those notes has changed the meta.  Blizzard has finally decided that Lucio should not be an auto-pick in all team compositions, and has stepped in to fine-tune his power into a defined role.  With this adjustment, Blizzard has opened

Overwatch Alienware Monthly Melee – Lower Bracket Finals: Denial vs Selfless

One of the more entertaining matchups to take place in last weekend’s Alienware Monthly Melee was the lower bracket finals between Denial Esports and Selfless.  Denial, ranked #37 globally, were looking to redeem themselves after their poor previous AMM performance in February.  Selfless, the #6 team in the world, were in the same boat, coming off a tough elimination by

Overwatch’s “Uprising” Event Goes Live, Bringing Early Signs of Story Mode?

Overwatch’s newest event, “Uprising”, has gone live on all platforms, bringing with it the new “Uprising” PvE brawl.  The event borrows features from the popular Junkenstein’s Revenge brawl from Halloween 2016, and infuses much-needed lore and story-telling into Overwatch gameplay.  Uprising is on pace to be one of the most popular events in Overwatch to date.  The update also brought

NRG Captain Seagull Steps Down From Pro Team, Focuses on Streaming

In what come as a major shock to many who have followed the professional Overwatch scene, Seagull, real name Brandon Larned, has announced that he will be stepping down from the main NRG competitive roster.  Many pro teams have been taking time off from competition lately, as the venues for competition have been few and far between.  However, with Seagull

Interview with the voice of Sombra: Carolina Ravassa

Hey everyone it’s Maleok here! This time around I have an interviewed which was so much fun to conduct. I was able to chat with Carolina Ravassa, the charming and talented voice behind one of the most anticipated characters of 2016! Please enjoy this peek into the background of the voice behind Sombra! Maleok: In the most general sense could

Interview with the voice of Torbjörn: Keith Silverstein!

Hey everyone Maleok here! For my next interview I was able to chat with the amazingly talented voice behind Torbjörn from Overwatch! He is a man of many voices and magnificent vocal skill. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into his background and personality! Maleok: In the most general sense could you tell us who you are and what you