Overwatch: Summer Games Redux

Summer Games 2017 brings +40 new items for us to obtain. In addition to +90 items from last year’s summer games totaling over 130 items for players to acquire. Overwatch’s Summer Games 2017 event will run for three weeks starting on Aug. 8 and ending on Aug. 28 for all platforms. New Summer Games cosmetic items will costs 3,000 credits for legendary skins, 750 credits for epic, 225 credits for rare, and 75 credits for common.

5 New Profile Icons

  • Doomfist’s Shotput
  • Orisa’s Javelin
  • Sombra’s High Jump
  • Copa LucioBall Hero
  • Copa LucioBall Competitor

7 New Legendary Skins

  • Junkrat: Cricket
  • Mercy: Winged Victory
  • McCree: Lifeguard
  • Reaper: Biker
  • Soldier 76: Grillmaster 76
  • Sombra: Tulum
  • Widowmaker: Cote D’Azur

1 New Emote

  • Ana’s Beach Ball

8 New Voicelines

  • Ana’s: Better than Retirement, Learn From The Pain
  • Doomfist: I Make Medicine Sick, Make You Punch Drunk
  • Orisa: Golden, Grease To Your Elbow
  • Sombra: What’s up, Try and Keep Up

3 New Sprays

  • Doomfist: Shotput
  • Orisa: Javelin
  • Sombra: High Jump

2 New Highlight Intros

  • Hanzo: Target Practice
  • Pharah: Slam Dunk

Lucio ball is back with a competitive portion called Copa Lucio Ball. Sydney Australia is the new stadium for Lucio Ball. There are top 500, sprays for placing and being in top 500, and massive tilt for all. Players can no longer stand in the enemy goal and boop the enemy goalie out of the way. Lucio’s ultimate will now allows you to move much faster, you can use his alternate ability to boop the ball more quickly, and he jumps a lot higher.

LucioBall Sprays

  • 3 LucioBall Achievement Sprays: Bicycle Kick, Goal Blossom, Safe Hands
  • 2 LucioBall Competitive Sprays: Copa LucioBall Competitor, Copa LucioBall Hero

This will be the first event that the lootboxes have the reduced dupe rate, so potentially players have an increased chance of getting more new items and having a better experience with this event.  Not everyone has +8 hours to farm boxes in game or spend money on cosmetics that don’t affect anything. Luckily, players will be able to unlock the old skins for credits at a discounted price as well as the new skins. Last year’s Summer Games cosmetics will cost 75 credits if they are rare, 250 for epic, and 1000 for legendary.

Examples of Last Year’s Items

  • Bastion’s Victory Pose: Medal
  • Bastion’s Voiceline: Doo-do-doo-dee
  • D.Va’s Skin: Taegeuxkol
  • D.Va’s Voicelines: I’m number 1, Scoreboard
  • Genji’s Skin: Nihon
  • Genji’s Voiceline: Hoping for a challenge, Touche
  • Genji’s Spray: Fencing
  • Hanzo’s Victory Pose: Medal
  • Hanzo’s Voicelines: Ignore all distractions, Defeat is the first step
  • Junkrat’s Victory Pose: Medal
  • Junkrat’s Voicelines: I give it a 3, I give it a 10
  • Junkrat’s Spray: Tennis
  • Junkrat’s Highlight intro: Shot Put
  • Lucio’s items are from last year:
  • Mercy’s Victory Pose: Medal
  • Mercy’s Voiceline: Piece of cake, Sponge or spray
  • Widowmaker Victory Pose: Medal
  • Widowmaker Voice Lines: A Perfect 10, I don’t Miss
  • Widowmaker Sprays: Gymnastics
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