Overwatch: Patch 2.18 Notes


Newest patch (2.18) for Overwatch brings new modes, map, Easter eggs, and hero adjustments.


New Modes – Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch

Deathmatch is now available under the arcade menu. There are two different versions of deathmatch. The first core mode that we’re just calling Deathmatch is you, the player, versus the other 7 players in the game. Players can pick whatever hero they wish and the game ends when someone gets to 20 kills. Players will earn 1 point for their team whenever they land the final blow on an opponent and will lose 1 point for their team whenever they die to environmental damage. The winners will be the top 4 players; playing this mode under arcade and winning will award you a win towards your weekly loot box wins. Team Deathmatch is just like the other mode except that you and your team will compete to get to 30. Mercy’s resurrect takes kill credit away from the other team so someone like a Mercy is super valuable to have on your team. Oh boy, more Mercy mains.


Map – Château Guillard

A new map that is home to Amelie Lacroix – Widowmaker, is available to play in. Before Amelie was married to Gerard Lacroix she was known as Amelie Guillard. Château Guillard is located near Annecy in southeastern France. For hundreds of years, it was the estate of the influential Guillard family, until it gradually fell into disrepair after the family’s power waned in the decades after the Revolution. Recently, the château has found a new owner: the Talon agent Widowmaker, who has returned to her family’s ancestral home. This map is visually beautiful with several hints to her backstory and several Easter eggs.


Deathmatch Mode and Team Deathmatch Maps (TDM)

  • Hanamura
  • Horizon Lunar Colony
  • Temple of Anubis
  • Volskaya Industries
  • Dorado
  • Eichenwalde
  • Hollywood
  • King’s Row
  • Black Forest (TDM only)
  • Castillo (TDM only)
  • Ecopoint: Antarctica (TDM only)
  • Necropolis (TDM only)


Easter Eggs in Château Guillard

Hero Adjustments


  • 2 Concussion Mines are available instead of 1
  • RIP-Tire’s movement speed have been increased by 30% and the timer for the tire isn’t affected while it climbs walls


  • Fusion Driver’s projectile speed is increased by 20%
  • Protective Barrier’s size is 20% larger and the shape of the barrier has been changed.


  • Take a Breather is now able to be used while moving and damage received while healing is reduced by 50%.


  • Grappling Hook’s cooldown has been lowered to 8 seconds from 12 seconds.
  • Venom Mine allows you to see affected targets through walls.


Season 6 Changes: Competitive Season, Skill Tier, and Skill Rating

  • 3 month season will now become only 2 months.
  • Players will obtain more competitive points per win to balance the shorter time period.
    • 15 Competitive Points for a win (formerly 10)
    • 5 Competitive Points for a tie (formerly 3)
  • Playing a match now increases the time till decay by 36 hours (up from 24 hours). The maximum number of days remains set at 7 (Jeff talked about dropping the days to 5 but Blizzard settled on increasing the decay hours.)
  • Decay has been lowered to 25 SR from 50 (Hopefully they fixed the decay bug)
  • King of the Hill rounds has been lowered to quickplay settings to win. (Need 2 rounds to win as oppose to 3.)
  • Season 6 placements will attempt to place you more accurately where you belong (although none of this matters since everyone has been boosted since the start of season 3)
  • Due to the shortened season length, fewer Competitive Points will be rewarded at the end of each season
  • Players will wait longer for matches to ensure matches are as close to 50-50 as possible. (such a difference from Season 1 & 2, where having a 50% win ratio meant you’re bad at the game. Now you have top 500 players going 50%, but they are good at this game huh?)
  • Players in Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond can now drop into lower skill tiers. “After a loss, the game will check to see what a player’s current tier and skill rating are—if their skill rating has not exceeded the minimum for their current tier for the past five games, they will be demoted.”
  • Adjustments to how skill rating is calculated after a win/loss has been modified. Blizzard has “adjusted the calculations that determine how much skill rating players will gain after a win and lose after a loss. These changes should help address some of the anomalies players have been reporting, especially with heroes that have lower win-rates.” We’ll continue tuning this system and are committed to making additional adjustments so that players are encouraged to play the hero they feel gives their team the best chance to win a competitive match.”
  • Defensive spawn times will now slowly increase earlier in the battle when the attacking team has more players on the objective (This has been out since patch 2.16)

Season 6 begins August 31,2017 at 5PM PT.


Miscellaneous Changes

  • A number of data format changes have been implemented to lower download size in later patches.
  • Added an “Outline Opacity” option under the custom reticle settings (found under Controls > Options > Advanced), which allows players to control the opacity of the black outline surrounding the reticule


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that occasionally required the Capture Point progress bar to progress past the second tick mark before being activated
  • Fixed a bug that could cause D.Va’s black ejection screen to briefly reappear after being ejected from her mech
  • Fixed a bug causing D. Va’s Light Gun to utilize the wrong texture while outside of her mech when the Junker skin was equipped
  • Fixed a bug that caused D. Va’s hair to stand straight up on the Hero Select screen when her Cruiser skin was equipped
  • Fixed a bug causing the lights on the back of Doomfist’s hand to incorrectly indicate full ammo when his Hello emote was activated
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the area-of-effect circle for Doomfist’s Meteor Strike from being visible to all players
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Doomfist’s Meteor Strike from reaching certain high-altitude locations
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Doomfist’s Rocket Punch from connecting with enemy players that were moving up an incline
  • Fixed a bug preventing Orisa’s “Overclocked” achievement from being granted, even after the criteria was met
  • Fixed a bug causing Sombra’s teeth to be visible while her Stealth ability was active when her Los Muertos skin was equipped
  • Fixed a bug causing Sombra’s reload animation to play even when interrupted
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to reach unintended locations on Ecopoint: Antarctica
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to see past the map’s background on Black Forest
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to reach unintended locations on Black Forest
  • Fixed a bug that caused the announcer to say “Travelling to Dorado” when joining Castillo
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some equipment (vents, pipes, etc.) from properly connecting to the walls of the power plant on Dorado
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to reach unintended locations on Hanamura
  • Fixed a bug that caused some projectiles to go through the ground on the last point of Horizon Lunar Colony
  • Fixed an issue that caused sprays to display incorrectly on the crane on the Horizon Lunar Colony
  • Fixed a bug that caused pink lighting to appear in some areas of Ilios
  • Fixed a bug that could cause A.I. heroes to get themselves stuck while traveling to the Well Capture Point on Ilios
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to reach unintended locations on Ilios
  • Fixed an issue that caused the lighting to appear dark in Genji’s room on Nepal
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to reach unintended locations on Oasis
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Pharah’s Jump Jet from recharging while perched on doorframes in Oasis
  • Fixed a bug that prevented doorframes from being visible and lacking collision on the Practice Range
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to get stuck behind a plant near the second point on Route 66
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Doomfist to reach unintended locations on Volskaya Industries
  • Fixed a bug in the Options > Controls menu that prevented the asterisk (which normally indicates that changes have been made) from being removed from the hero’s dropdown after controls have been set to default
  • Fixed a bug causing the Back button to disappear when scrolling through the list of available games in the Game Browser
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