Overwatch: July’s PTR Changes

July, is always a hot month and in the world of Overwatch, it’s even hotter.

New Hero

First, there is the addition to the PTR of the new character for Overwatch, Doomfist. He has been a long awaited character for players and now he is live in PTR. He will be joining Sombra in the offensive hero category. He will complement the dive comp meta very well with his kit of abilities, ultimate, and playstyle. Doomfist’s first ability is Seismic Slam, which he smashes into a targeted area, stunning opponents so he can deal further damage in combination with his other abilities. Seismic Slam has a seven second cooldown, and is able to be combined with Rising Uppercut, which is also on a seven second cooldown. Rising Uppercut knocks enemies high into the air. Doomfist’s passive ability, The Best Defense, grants him shields every time he uses one of his abilities against an opponent.


His primary attack is the Hand Cannon which shoots projectiles from Doomfist’s knuckles. This weapon of his has four rounds and rounds regenerate over time. His primary fire is very weak and isn’t Doomfist’s most powerful weapon. For his secondary attack, Rocket Punch, Doomfist charges forward and delivers a powerful punch, knocking back any enemy it hits in addition to dealing extra damage if the enemy is hurled into a wall. Doomfist’s abilities should be prioritized rather than his Hand Cannon since he gains shields from his abilities. Doomfist’s ultimate ability, Meteor Strike, is a dive bomb with a shock-wave that deals massive damage to whoever is in the radius.

Doomfist’s Abilities

Quality of Life Improvements 

The second addition to the PTR is new changes to the Loot Box system. We all know how incredibly frustrating it is to open a loot box, only to get four duplicates and almost no credit for them. Blizzard is trying to move in the right direction (finally) by severely reducing the amount of duplicates a player receives while gaining more credit for duplicate items. This change probably will not be an amazing change to veterans players who at this time should have a good amount of items already. This change is more geared towards new players and the overall quality of life improvement Overwatch needs.


The third addition to PTR is the new highlight system. The game will still automatically generate highlights but will be called “Today’s Top 5”. They will remain available for 24 hours (or until the game client is patched, whichever happens first). Players now have the option to save their own clips using the “Recently Captured.” To use it players will bound a button to capture 12 seconds of your own gameplay. These too will stay until the game’s client gets patched and up to 36 highlights of this type can be stored.


The fourth addition to PTR is added customization tools for the reticle. Before reticles were limited to 5 different crosshairs and a handful of colors to choose from. Players can now adjust the following:

  • Colors
  • Thickness
  • Crosshair length
  • Center Gap
  • Opacity
  • Dot Size
  • Dot Opacity

Tweaks and Balances

The final changes to PTR was a Doomfist nerf, and several buffs to several other characters. Mcree, Reaper, Zarya and Reinhardt will all be getting buff. Blizzard didn’t take long nerfing Doomfist’s Rocket Punch by 20%,  thus removing his superman-esque mobility. There is a new user interface indicator showing how much Seismic Slam will deal. McCree’s Flashbang will highly slows opponents when stunned. Reaper’s Shadow Step voiceover and special effects distance have been severely reduced. Reinhardt’s hammer swing speed has been increased by 10%. Rein players should noticed that using his hammer will feel better than in the past. Reinhardt’s charge has been changed; now when two charging players impact each other, they will no longer injure each other but simply be knockdown. Last but not least, Zarya’s Graviton Surge will disable all movement abilities of characters that gets sucked into it. I feel like this change should have been the default since it only makes sense but I’m glad Blizzard wants to make some sense in their patches.


I’m in eager anticipation to see which of all these changes will be final and when will we see them live. Let me hear your thoughts on which change are you most excited for and your thoughts on all these new changes Blizzard is giving us players.

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