Overwatch Guide on Sniping

overwatch guide on sniping
Outside the match


Go through your settings and find what works for you. Everyone will have different settings, but here some guidelines that you can use. Make your reticle smaller and static. When your reticle moves, it distracts your eyes and can make you miss your shots. Lower your sensitivity/DPI, change your zoom sensitivity, and disable mouse acceleration. This will make it much easier to reliably hit your shots and your mouse movements will become more precise. These are both common things in Counter Strike:Global Offensive but for some reason they have not transferred to Overwatch.

Here are some some examples:

  • My settings:
    • DPI: 800
    • In-Game Sensitivity: 6
    • Zoom Sensitivity: 40
    • Reticle: Short Crosshair, No bloom, Light blue
  • Grego (Cloud 9)
    • DPI: 800
    • In-Game Sensitivity: 5
    • Zoom Sensitivity: 38
  • HarryHook (EnVyUs)
    • DPI: 400
    • In-Game Sensitivity: 10
  • Gods (Luminosity)
    • DPI: 800
    • In-Game Sensitivity: 6
    • Zoom Sensitivity:103



Practice makes perfect! Go into the practice arena with each of the snipers and practice hitting shots while standing on the moving platform. This isn’t the best aim practice in the world, but it is the best we have since Blizzard won’t let us make, or give us a good practice map. If you want to take it a step further, you can practice your reactions on a third party site. If you are willing to try one of those sites, aimbooster.com has a great selection of mini games to help you practice.

In the match

Change positions

The one thing that will help you the most when sniping in Overwatch is learning when to change positions. As a general rule, once I get a kill and have a lull in the action, I move. When someone dies, they see how you killed them. That is a ton of information and it is the best weapon against a sniper. So, we can use it against them. When they come back, they will look for you. Knowing that will help you figure out the general area they will come from and you can move to take them out when they get to that area. Doing this will keep the enemy constantly guessing where you may be, giving you the advantage.

Know the map

Knowing the map is a pretty general thing for everyone, but snipers need it the most. This knowledge will help you know where you need to position and where to get the closest health pack. You will be spending most of your time alone, so most of your healing will come from those packs. This will also help you realize where the main choke points and flanking paths are.


Relay information

This is the most forgotten and biggest strength of snipers. Snipers will almost always have the height advantage on the rest of the team. This gives them the perfect opportunity to gain and relay the most information. On top of this, most snipers have abilities to highlight enemies through walls. These abilities should be used on cooldown to relay the most info that you physically can. The more your team knows, the more good decisions your team can make.

Get in there

Yes, you have to stay back, get kills and give information however, you also need to play as a team and sometimes they need you to get on the point. There are a ton of times I see snipers that need to get on the point to help their team, and yet they stand stubborn trying to snipe from the back line. You need to constantly be assessing the status of the match. If you see that your team is struggling to keep more than two people on the point, get on the ground and push with them. Sometimes you just need to be a body on a point.


This feeds off of the last point. You need to realize when you are not being useful. Snipers are weird in the way that If you are not useful you are a complete hinderance. That being said, know when to swap out of the sniper role. Mostly this is something you will need to know for yourself. As for a simple guideline, if you are not getting at least 1 kill (on a high value target) per death and you are not able to provide useful information to your team, it’s time to change.

Individual Sniper Tips



  • Most versatile kit out of all the snipers
  • Can kill hiding enemies with his ‘E’
  • Relatively low CD wall hack
  • He shoots trees
  • Amazing zoning
  • Great in up close combat (For snipers)


  • Bullet time
  • Wall hack is area based


  • Use shift on cooldown and in high traffic areas. Information is our main goal and this is the best way Hanzo can do that.
  • Use shift pre-game on defense and call out who the enemy team picked.
  • Use ‘E’ on cooldown to get extra damage, don’t try to hold it for a perfect shot
  • Use your ult to zone out the enemy. Yes it is awesome to get 3+ kills with it but it’s not worth holding until you find that golden opportunity
  • Shoot down high traffic areas when you have down time. This creates an area the enemies will not want to deal with and will make a soft zoning advantage.

Widow Maker


  • Hitscan
  • One shot headshot
  • Wall Hack shows everyone
  • Can cover her own ass with her ‘E’
  • Tiny Hitbox
  • Assault Rifle


  • Less versatile
  • Easy to kill
  • Ult takes too long to get for how long it lasts


  • Use your assault rifle in mid-close range. It’s not the most accurate or strongest weapon but it will give you more damage output than an uncharged sniper shot (or a miss).
  • Always have a spider up, these things are awesome! It could stand to be buffed a little, but it’s an amazing alarm.
  • Don’t get tunnel vision. It’s easy to get stuck holding a full charged shot, but it’s not worth the lack of vision you have while scoped. Only pull the scope up when you are ready to shoot something.
  • If you have a Genji/DVA in your face, drop off the ledge and use your zipline to get back up. A lot of times, this will completely confuse them and give you a short window that you can use to gain the upper hand.



  • Hitscan shots while scoped
  • Good healing if you hit your shots
  • No headshots needed to max damage
  • Longest CC in the game
  • Can prevent healing with her ‘E’
  • ‘Q’ is a heat seeking roids shot


  • Shots are projectile when unscoped, this can create kind of a disconnect/inconsistency between scoped and unscoped shots
  • Can’t get headshot damage
  • CC is broken by damage
  • ‘E’ is a slow projectile and can be difficult to hit
  • No mobility!
  • Healing can be missed easily
  • Can’t shoot through allies


  • Ana is a great side healer, however she is pretty weak as a primary support, don’t try to play her as one.
  • Use your Sleep Dart on cool down
  • Try to keep the upper ground. If you are on the ground, you will have a hard time hitting who you want.
  • Use your ult on a tank to start a teamfight
  • If you are in the middle of a team fight or there isn’t much full team fighting going on, use your ult on a mobile damage dealer

Hope you enjoyed the guide and found it useful. If you liked it make sure you share it so we can get snipers back on the map. They seem to be the least competitively played role and easily the most misunderstood.

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