OpTic To Compete In (And Probably Win) Galaxy Battles II

Yes. Underrated.

Ever since all of the seemingly ever-changing rosters in Dota 2, many teams have been appearing to struggle.

But this stress hasn’t seemed to reach Peter “PPD” Dagger.

Also known as the guy that invented salt in the region of North America. Or sometimes known as the saltiest guy in North American Dota. And sometimes even as a Salty Spitoon frequenter. Okay, that one isn’t true. But you get the idea. The man’s salty af.

While some teams seem to be suffering, PPD has been qualifying for every LAN with his new team, which consists of RTZ and Fear. Perfect. And then when RTZ leaves, PPD’s team still qualifies for every LAN. Even better.

Then, PPD is signed onto the new OpTic roster, remaining at the top of Dota 2’s North American scene. Fans began to think, “Okay, someone on his team left. And there are three players on this team that are playing from Europe, on an American server, with 190 ping. Maybe now PPD will fail.”


He still qualifies.


Taking On Galaxy Battles II

And now PPD – and his OpTic team – have their eyes on Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds, a major tournament with a $1 million prize pool being held in January 2018. The participating teams – Newbee (China), Infamous (South America), OG (Europe), LGD.fy (China), Team Liquid (Europe) – are  making this a tourney to watch.



Galaxy Battles will be the first tourney to have 16 teams. Which means it’s going to be looOOOoooOOOOOOooOOOng as hell, with a lot of games to watch. But I’m here for it.

And so will OpTic, who just qualified for the big event yesterday, after defeating Complexity and taking a slot in the tourney.

I don’t want to jinx it, but I have high hopes for the boys in green. They have one of the best support duos in NA, and a very unique play style that can’t seem to be countered. It’s easy to see why they have so much support from their fanbase. There’s a lot of hype around them, and my projection is that they’re going to take top three at this major event. Mark my words.

They follow the meta. Pick heroes they’re comfortable with. And win some dotes.

And it’s working for them.

At least that’s what the results say.

Win win win win win win win win win win win win.

PPD always delivers.

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