New CSGO Update a Step in the Right Direction?

     Today sparks a weird day for CS:GO as Valve has once again changed a gameplay mechanic. Patch notes came out today for other minor things like sounds and bug fixes, but the biggest update was for the AK-47, M4A1-S, M4A4. The developers changed the accuracy recovery rate. This update encourages less spray and more tapping/bursting these weapons. This isn’t the first time they try to increase the effectiveness of tapping rather than spraying. The developers for CS:GO have stated regularly that they believe the game should reward tapping/bursting compared to spraying,but is this update a step in the right direction?

     While playing the update I noticed the change immediately and even though it felt different. It felt like a decent update to the game and competitive scene. Hopping into a game and instantly regretting spraying an entire clip is a weird feeling, but a good change to the meta of CS:GO. It took awhile to get use to but after playing for a couple of hours I got use to the weird recoil. This update made the game feel more smooth rather than crouch spraying almost every fight. I’m still puzzled why the developers don’t just buff first bullet accuracy still, but with this update I might eat my words. It will take time to adjust to this update and players will have to find a new way to hit targets at long ranges instead of using spray like usual, but who will really miss cross-map spray fights? The updates also changes the dynamics of making plays by making weapons less accurate as more bullets are being fired. This will make it harder to transfer spray control for 2v1 situations. So it might make for more dynamic and explosive plays as they buffed AK/M4 taps (as if Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom wasn’t already good enough). The worst part of this update are the pistol sounds. If you can live with that then this update will be like spending a week long vacation in Bora Bora with Gabe Newell himself. This is just my analysis of the new update while playing. I am excited to see if this update ends up working or developers have to go back to the drawing board to finish their goal of making tapping/bursting a supplementary option than spraying in some situations.

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