NBA2K League Logo Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Poorly Designed

Last week, the 2K League’s managing director Brendan Donohue said “there’s a lot of excitement about the league itself, and there’s very positive feedback about the look and feel of the logos.” We’re excited about the League, too. But the logos? We don’t necessarily agree. We asked our writers (big NBA fans) what they thought of the recently-unveiled logos for each of the teams. Here’s what they had to say:

76ers Gaming

Corey: “It took me a minute…  but I see it’s the Liberty Bell. And it makes the 76 look as Jahlil Okafor was in that fight awhile back. Always good to see consistency.”

Terrel: Wait, I can see the 76…and I guess the Liberty Bell. Trust the process…just not this logo, I don’t like it at all. The image isn’t really clear.”


Blazer5 Gaming

Corey: “Okay, this isn’t too bad. It looks like the Blazers logo. And shoutout to the designer for informing me that they are called the Blazer5, not Blazers Gaming. I really had no idea.”

Terrel: “This one isn’t too bad… I guess the Trail in Trailblazers is no longer. I kind of wish, if they were going to keep the logo, to bring back the 90s.”

Bucks Gaming

Corey: “Is this for the Bucks, or a failed 80s arena metal band? Plus, its face looks like a road going through the mountains. My verdict really depends on whether this was intentional or not.”

Terrel: “This reminds me of the their newer logo that they have now… It’s not bad. I would go with a solid C+.”


Cavs Legion GC

Corey: “It doesn’t look anything like the Cavaliers logo. Which is honestly fine. They don’t look like they tried too hard here, which is really a leg up on most of the others.”

Terrel: “I actually love this logo. It’s original, it’s fun, and he looks like the guy that will tie the girl to the railroad tracks. I give this a solid B-. I’m just worried their star players will take their talents to Heat Check, but come home to win the trophy for Cleveland.”


CLTX Crossover Gaming

Corey: “Are we still doing the ‘take the vowels out of a word and call it a name’ thing? Why is it ‘crossover’? And why does this leprechaun look like a player in Madden 2000?”

Terrel: “No. Just No. It screams MODERN Celtic, which is garbage. Ben is a huge Celtic fan, what are his thoughts? Happy, Sad? Angry? Because I would be angry.”


Grizz Gaming

Corey: “A-  for a creative yet simple logo. C- for getting cute with an otherwise perfectly fine name. Actually, make that a C+, for at least not spelling it Grrrizz.”

Terrel: “The Grizz Gaming, huh? I like the logo, almost tribal style. I was hoping that they would be the Grizzle. They are only two letters off.”


Heat Check Gaming

Corey: “Simple. Effective. Semi-tasteful nickname. Not much roasting here, but this pun was definitely intended.”

Terrel: “That was a horrific pun. I just hope they take my talents so I can go to South Beach as well. But the nickname is the best one so far. Also, heat check means that they will be on fire soon.”


Jazz Gaming

Corey: “This might be the best one, and also the lowest effort one: Make the state of Utah out of letters, and spell out your name in the standard 2K font. Boom. Cutting-edge design.”

Terrel: “I’m still trying to figure out why the Jazz and Utah have a thing together. I like how the logo is hidden within itself though.”


Kings Guard Gaming

Corey: “Again, this lion looks like it was rendered on a Nintendo 64. Also, that is the loosest interpretation of a crown I’ve ever seen.”

Terrel: “I don’t think even King Arthur would accept this as their coat of arms. I think it’s plain to be honest. I hope this logo isn’t on their jerseys.”


Knicks Gaming

Corey: “I’d be personally offended by this logo, if it wasn’t every bit as mundane as the actual Knicks logo. Can’t blame them – they had nothing to go on from.”

Terrel: “I like the NY background. I will be waiting for the Knicks Owner, James Dolan, to write a song about this team. Did you know Dolan had a band? It really sucks.”


Magic Gaming

Corey: “It’s a fine logo I guess. Interesting choice to not use their team’s main color. I guess I’d want to disassociate too.”

Terrel: “It reminds me of the solar eclipse, over hyped and kind of boring. They did try and make it original, so I am glad they went out of their way to try make it different then their NBA counter part.”


Mavs Gaming

Corey: “‘I came up with this symbol to illustrate the Mavericks transcending the micro transactions being pulled over our collective souls!’ -Alex Jones, Graphic Designer.”

Terrel: “After Dirk retires, will he be playing with this team for 20 years while management fail to get him a decent teammate as well?”


Pacers Gaming

Corey: “The Pacers were named for the state’s heritage of horse racing and the Indy 500. In addition to the NBA team’s inexplicable panther mascot, the 2K team is adding another level of confusion by turning said panther into a basketball.”

Terrel: “Meow. I seriously have nothing.”


Pistons GT

Corey: “A fantastic idea ruined by an oddly placed skull. ‘How will they know what the Pistons do?’ ‘What if we made the skull ALSO ANOTHER BASKETBALL?'”.

Terrel: “Ok, my Detroit friends love this one. This screams their city. The Pistons prove that they were the capital city of the Automotive factories at one point. Also I really dig the skull. The skull is to represent the Bad Boys Pistons of the 80’s. This one is my favorite so far.”

Raptors Uprising GC

Corey: “This logo helps the Raptors rebrand as the Uprising. You’ll likely forget that name, because unless it’s always present, you’re not gonna know who this chevron belongs to.”



Warriors Gaming Squad

Corey: “This isn’t too bad. A bit clever to use the the team’s acronym as the basis for the 2K team. It will fit nicely on all the ‘My Next Chapter’ memes.”

Terrel: “We all know that they will find a way to get that 3-1 lead in there. I like it though, reminds me of the older logos. Hopefully their alternate jerseys aren’t these.”


Wizards District Gaming

Corey: “I’ll be honest, I’m just about out of roasts. Losing interest is usually something that happens with the Wizards.”

Terrel: “Can somebody point me to the Wizard district? Does Gandalf the Grey and Dumbledore chill there? In all seriousness very basic and but effective enough. Also I’m getting sick of all the ‘NBA nickname Gaming’ titles. It’s totally lazy to be honest. At least the Warriors and Wizards work other words into their names. And the Cavs have an actual nickname. Kudo’s to them.”

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