Navi are Back.

Na’Vi are back.


Prior to The Summit 7, Na’Vi unfortunately did not qualify for the Kiev Major. Saying goodbye to both Ditya-ra and Artstyle had left Na’Vi with a huge gap in their line-up, leading them to bring forth former pro Dota player Malthe “Biver” Winther to play in his classic 5th position support role. This pickup was followed by 1st position carry Per Anders Olsson “Pajkatt”. At this point, the team was largely an unknown quantity, with power on paper but little experience working as a team.


However, their invite to the Dota 2 Summit 7 European Qualifiers proved a worthy invite after dominating all of their games. Placing 2nd in Group B of the European qualifiers, just below Swedish stalwart Alliance, allowed them to advance into the playoffs. Destroying Team Empire in a straight 2-0, and then proceeding to also 2-0 Alliance, they entered the grand finals with winner’s confidence. They kept their tempo up and then preceded to 3-0 Empire, concluding a flawless playoff for Na’Vi.


The winners’ finals – a pre-grand final showdown between the winners of the semifinals –  proved to be a blast from the past as we saw Na’Vi face off against old rivals Alliance in a best of three series. Over two long winded games, Alliance fought valiantly to their last breath, but they couldn’t manage to defeat the unstoppable Dendi on his Tinker and Storm Spirit.


Danil “Dendi” Ishutin once again has shown us why he is classed as one of the biggest and best mid players in the world. Showing off his versatility, Dendi played a total of 6 different heroes in all 6 games. However, despite the fact that we didn’t get to see his iconic Pudge, we were able to see his Jakiro in the mid lane.


Na’Vi has now qualified for the main event of The Summit 7 and will face off against a selection of 7 different teams. However, as of this moment, we are yet to find out the order of the main event. Stay tuned for a preview piece once the details are out.


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