Natsu’s 2016 EU LCS End of the Year Awards

Note: the following article reflects the writer’s personal opinions, not those of Break the Game’s staff, therefore it should not be taken as factual.


The rise of G2 Esports as the kings of Europe was brought upon by Fnatic’s fall. No king rules forever and it was no surprise a new dynasty was created in 2016. While Fnatic’s road to redemption begins, G2’s quest to keep building up a legacy will continue in 2017. But before all of that, it’s time to give praise to those deserving of it at the end of year.


Best Top Laner – H2K Odoamne


This one is an easy choice for me. Odoamne has had yet another year of consistently good performances in the top lane. He is very versatile and plays well within pretty much every meta. He may not always be the best performer on H2K but he’s also very rarely a problem for them. Domestically he was the most stable top laner without a doubt. But what really sets him apart is his amazing performance at Worlds. The amount of pressure and high level play he displayed along with Jankos against Edward Gaming is what propelled H2K over the Chinese squad in Group C. Unfortunately H2K’s Worlds run came at an end against Samsung Galaxy but there’s no doubt in my mind that Odoamne established himself as the most consistent player in EU throughout the entire year.


Best Jungler – G2 Trick

Despite Jankos also being a strong candidate, I cannot overstate how impressive Trick has been in the European region. Earning himself two Split MVP awards and being a consistently strong player for G2 is what solidified him as the best jungler Europe produced this season. The reason why I pick Trick over Jankos is because the only time Jankos decisively outperformed him was at Worlds. That being said even when G2 collapsed on the world stage, Trick continued to perform at a decent level at the very least. With that in mind I definitely give this award to Trick and am looking forward to continue watching him in 2017.


Best Mid Laner – G2 PerkZ

A hard decision for me. PerkZ had a monster Spring Split but ever since the MSI fiasco, he hasn’t looked the same and it showed in his play throughout the Summer Split and Worlds. Despite all of that, I would still give this award to PerkZ for being the most consistent mid laner overall. Febiven was definitely a shadow of his former self this year and Ryu was decent but only really stepped up at Worlds. Sencux is also a decent contender but in my opinion he needs an extra season to develop his play even further and improve upon his laning. PerkZ definitely needs to fix his play going into next year but for now, he’s my pick for best mid laner in Europe.


Best AD Carry – G2 Zven

Last year was definitely a better one for Zven but this one wasn’t that bad either. He continued being a consistent force along with Mithy and finally won his first EU LCS title. The low point for him was definitely Worlds. Forgiven and Rekkles would usually be strong contenders for this title but this wasn’t one of Rekkles’ greatest seasons and Forgiven didn’t play enough to justify putting him up for contention. Zven definitely takes it for me because while I usually care a lot about consistency, I care about it more so when it comes to AD Carries. It’s the one role where there’s not a lot of thinking and your main job is to stay alive and do damage. The G2 AD Carry wins in that category without a doubt.


Best Support – G2 Mithy

Four G2 players? Yup. Four. It’s just hard not to give this award to Mithy. He is just the full package. He plays everything and strives in any meta he is put in. He has amazing synergy with Zven and he’s a great proactive player within his team. MikyX is definitely a strong contender as well but the amount of experience Mithy has over him is invaluable. Admittedly Mithy didn’t look that great at Worlds but that can also be attributed to G2 falling apart as a team and the support player shouldn’t take the blame for all of it.


Best Rookie – SPY MikyX

Pretty much the European counterpart of Biofrost in 2016. Both of them came into their respective teams as rookie support players and both of them improved so fast over a short period of time. While Biofrost had a lot of pressure on him to do well, not a lot was expected out of MikyX but there’s also something else to take into consideration. Splyce is not a team of veterans. It’s mostly a team of younger players that are gaining experience and are trying to improve every day. Considering how MikyX didn’t really have a teammate that can guide him well, it’s impressive to see him improve so much in the situation he was put in. Definitely an impressive showing for him and it’s exciting to imagine how much more he can improve going into next year.

Best Team – G2 Esports

Was there even any doubt with this one? G2 won both splits this year and despite poor international showings, Europe as a whole was looked down upon so it’s not too surprising the region failed to perform that well on the world stage. Even so it’s safe to say G2 was the most consistent team in Europe as well as the most deserving one to win this award. Not only did they win two LCS titles and establish themselves as the new kings of Europe, some of their players won a majority of individual awards within EU and cemented themselves as stars of the European region. G2 Esports is the best European team in 2016 for sure.

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