Learning Un’Goro: The Hunter

Today while exploring Un’Goro I will be covering the Hunter. I’ll include cards, possible strategies, and deck builds. Currently the Hunter has 6 new cards. These include: Crackling Razormaw, Raptor Hatchling, Swamp King Dred, Terrorscale Stalker, The Marsh Queen, and Tol’vir Warden.

Half of these cards are beasts and will probably be used in beast decks. The beasts are Crackling Razormaw, Raptor Hatchling, and Swamp King Dred. The Crackling Razormaw seems to fit in most with beasts due to it’s battlecry allowing players to adapt a friendly beast allowing for even more powerful monsters later in the game. The other two however seem to fit the counter heavy side of Un’Goro. Raptor Hatchling’s deathrattle allows the player to shuffle a 4/3 Raptor into the deck; however, the ability of Swamp King Dred seems a bit more useful. The ability of this card allows the card to attack a minion the opponent played, and with a whopping 9/9 it’s almost guaranteed to clear any obstacle in it’s way.

The other three cards each have their own unique positions and also seem to be very set up oriented. Terrorscale Stalker has a battlecry allowing players to trigger a friendly minion’s deathrattle effect. Tol’Vir Warden allows the player to draw two 1 cost minions with it’s battlecry which may not seem like much but when paired with The Marsh Queen it can be a deadly card to have. The Marsh Queen is a quest card. The quest is simple, summon seven 1 cost minions. If the player can do this they will  be rewarded with Queen Carassa. This card could be a possible game changer as it allows the player to shuffle 15 raptors into the deck.

    The hunter expansion still fits the counter/set-up style in many unique ways by setting up powerful beasts and countering most other powerful monsters. This deck seems to have high potential and I look forward to seeing it played.

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