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2017 Mid-Season Invitational: Group Stage Recap

The Group Stage of the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational has concluded and it was one of the closest and most even group stages of any international event in League of Legends history. There were ties between three to five teams in almost every day. This just goes to show that aside from Korea being ahead, every other region is close to

Triple Doran’s Rings at MSI… WHY?

Now that we are about halfway through the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational Tournament in Brazil, we have begun to see a trend in the toplane.  Tanks have always been prevalent top for a number of reasons.  They generally have safe laning phases, freeing up the jungler to impact the rest of the map and control dragon, and if they do end

The Innovators: Fnatic, UoL, FlyQuest, and… GIGABYTE Marines?

There is a right way to play League of Legends. This statement used to be accepted as the universal truth with most players and community figures agreeing that LCK is the shining example of how the game is supposed to be played. And while it’s true that Koreans are a step ahead of their competition, every once in awhile a

Peanut’s Journey: From Najin to SKT

All Images courtesy of Riot Games On February 25, 2015, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho stepped onto the Rift to play his first LCK game. He was a part of the Najin e-mFire roster, and opposing them was the monstrous SKT T1 lineup. It’s hard to think of a tougher opponent for your first professional showing. Yet Peanut didn’t let that get

2017 NA & EU LCS Finals – Overperformers and Underperformers

Both the NA and EU LCS have concluded with Team SoloMid and G2 Esports emerging as the champions. Both finals were exciting and had a lot of fun games that will be remembered for a long time. That being said it’s time to look at them more in-depth, praise those that did well and criticize the ones that did poorly.

Breaking Up: When Rakan Isn’t There

League’s newest champions Xayah and Rakan have stolen the hearts of many players.  Their corny romantic dialogue in game makes them lovable and fun to play with each other, even if just from a thematic standpoint.  In addition to the loads of unique interactions between the two as they chat with each other across the battlefield, there are a few

5 Banned LoL Players That Could Go Big in Competitive

Image courtesy of Riot Games Toxic League of Legends players aren’t exactly a dying breed. And they’re even more prevalent at the top of the competitive ladder where tension reaches its boiling point. Most of the time interactions with these players follow the ‘mute, report, and move on’ formula right until they are weeded out by Riot’s behavior team. But

Xayah and Rakan First Impressions

Xayah and Rakan is the first double champion release since Gragas and Pantheon were both released in February of 2010. The two champions alone are greatly designed with both fun and unique gameplay mechanics. Together, these two champions have the power to take over the game single handily. Xayah She is a unique champion in the bot lane that requires

Breaking Down Patch 7.8

Much like with the Galio update patch, patch 7.8 is a bit lighter on the balance changes. This is in part due to the release of Xayah and Rakan, but also because Riot are planning for big changes with the Mid Season Update. That being said, there are a few interesting changes that came through this week, not just for

Is It Too Hard to Get Into NA LCS?

All Images Courtesy of Riot Games Flickr Account Everyone wants to play on the big stage. If you’re a professional League of Legends player in North America, then LCS is the place to prove your worth. The road there is a thorny one, but up until now, it wasn’t hard enough to discourage new players from trying to achieve their