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Is It Too Hard to Get Into NA LCS?

Everyone wants to play on the big stage. If you’re a professional League of Legends player in North America, then LCS is the place to prove your worth. The road there is a thorny one, but up until now, it wasn’t hard enough to discourage new players from trying to achieve their dream. Yet with the recent influx of talent

2017 NA LCS Spring Playoffs – Semifinals Preview

The Spring Split is approaching its end and we are down to the Top 4 teams in North America. From what the Quarterfinals showed us all of these teams have what it takes to exit the Pacific Coliseum as champions. It will be an exciting weekend filled with League of Legends action but before that let's take a look at

2017 EU LCS Spring Playoffs – Semifinals Preview

Things have gotten very interesting in the EU LCS Spring Playoffs. With a major upset happening already and two exciting Semifinals with lots of story behind them, we're in for a treat this weekend and the EU LCS tends to deliver. Here's a look at the two Semifinal matches. Unicorns of Love vs Misfits After a grueling five game series

Breaking Down Patch 7.7

So, remember how last time I said that Riot was taking it easy with the buffs? Well they must have heard me, because wow did they throw everything at us this week. Some changes are minor, like adjustments to cooldowns, but others are pretty big, such whole passives being altered. There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s not waste

2017 EU LCS Spring Split: Week 10 Round-Up

The 2017 EU LCS Spring Split Regular Season is in the books and it was an exciting one down to the very last game! With a lot of cheese picks, pride and playoff implications on the line, Europe delivered and we got to see some great League of Legends content. Here are the takeaways from the final week of regular

Lessons from LCK: Spring Week 9

One more week! Yes, time does fly and the 2017 LCK Spring Split is nearly at an end. The last-minute scramble is on for (most) teams to secure the best possible playoff spot, or a spot at all (or maybe just not get relegated). Here’s the standings through week 9. It was a pretty crazy week in LCK, all things

2017 EU LCS Spring Split: Week 9 Round-Up

The final week of the EU LCS Spring Split is approaching and there are still some things that aren't quite clear yet. With that in mind, let's look at the takeaway from Week 9. The final playoff spot is up for grabs With ROCCAT's massive upset over Misfits and Fnatic having to play against both G2 and Misfits in the

2017 NA LCS Spring Split: Week 9 Round-Up

The regular season of the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split is in the books and what an exciting one it was! This is possibly the closest regular season that has ever taken place in NA LCS history with all teams fighting to the end. Let's reflect on the final week of the Spring Split and look at what's in store

Breaking Down Patch 7.6

Another week, another patch is rolled out for League of Legends. As is customary with patches that include a new champion or rework, patch 7.6 is a little light on actual balance changes. Worry not, there’s still plenty to talk about her, and I will be covering the highlights and talking about how I think the meta will be affected,

LMS Week 7 Rundown

Week 7’s only just concluded, but the picture of LMS is really starting to take its shape. The standings through this point are as follows: It’s about this time that we start to envision what might be the mid-season future for all of these teams, as the number of possibilities are dwindling. FW, AHQ We start with Flash Wolves and