Kobolds and Catacombs: The Dungeon of Hearthstone’s Future

You shush your chattering party members as you descend into the darkening caves. Only a flickering torch light illuminates the black walls as you proceed. Your nose wrinkles to a grotesque lingering stench, growing ever-closer. Your eyes sting from the poisoned air, but you press on, delving deeper into the dungeon for the riches that await. Your party arrives to a rotting wooden door, slightly ajar. Holding your breath, you peek wary eyes through the musty doorway… Two piercing golden eyes amidst a wall of scales glare back.



As many have heard, Hearthstone’s next expansion is just around the corner. Kobolds and Catacombs will be the latest addition to Hearthstone’s year of the mammoth. Kobolds and Catacombs embraces the resurgent 80’s tabletop RPG gaming aesthetic, and whisks away the players to a magical world of excitement and adventures for riches and glory.



This expansion is set to make Hearthstone history, with several new mechanics and even a new free-to-play singleplayer gamemode called “The Dungeon Run”. When you enter the dungeon, you are given a deck of 10 cards. As you defeat up to 8 randomly selected bosses, you build your deck with loot and treasure gathered along the way.

[Sourced at Blizzard Entertainment]
For each boss defeated, the challenges grow stronger. Although a defeat sends you back to the start of the Dungeon Run, defeating all bosses without fail grants the adventurer a Dungeon Run exclusive card back.

Reward for completing an undefeated Dungeon Run.

Although this gamemode is free-to-play, there is current controversy about the time invested and lack of tangible reward. With an arena level of time invested, players will likely only get a reward that doesn’t affect their collection (with current information). As a result, many players feel that this mode will be waste of their time, as crunching for gold is already so painfully time consuming.



Keeping up with the Hearthstone competitive meta is becoming increasingly expensive. This is a known fact among the Hearthstone community. And although Blizzard realizes this, there is not much being made in terms of support for player progression and forming a welcoming newbie environment. The release of Dungeon Run is an exciting thought for all Hearthstone players, but it may be a slab of meat for the wolves. With an expansive new mode being added that has no gold revenue to be made, Blizzard’s playerbase is left neglected and hand fed a mere distraction. Only time will tell where Blizzard intends to take Hearthstone and it’s mountain of a gold hurdle.

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