Interview with Splyce MikyX


Hi there, Its ChainedDeath bringing you my first interview for Break the Game. I had an exclusive opportuinity to interview Splyce´s support player MikyX

ChainedDeathFirst of all, thank you for this interview and congratulations on qualifying to the finals. Could you introduce yourself as some people might not know you?

MikyX: My name is Mihael some people might know me as Mikyx, I play support for the EU LCS team Splyce, this is my first split in LCS and we just reached the finals.

Chained Death: I personally know you from the Slovenian tournament Kings of Slovenia. Do you think participating in these tournaments helped you grow as a player to where you are now?

MikyX: I don’t think the tournaments helped me that much, I mostly grew as a player by playing with LCS pros in soloQ and learning from them.

Chained Death: You were also known as the best support in Slovenia, and also the best Thresh. Do you feel this is still true?

MikyX: I think my Thresh skills have decayed a bit since I don’t play the champ much recently, but I’m still decent at it.

ChainedDeath: Do you still follow the Slovenian scene?

MikyX: No, I don’t follow the scene anymore, I just talk to some of the slovenian players from time to time.

ChainedDeath:  At the end of spring 2016, Splyce picked you as a challenger player. How did they discover you?

MikyX: Splyce discovered me through soloQ and playing dynamicQ with each other.

ChainedDeath: What did your family think about moving to Berlin to play for Splyce?

MikyX: They weren’t that supportive of it at the start since they wanted me to finish school, but after they realized, how much it means to me they were fine with it.

ChainedDeath: The story of Splyce in this split compared to spring is one of the greatest underdog stories in eSports. What was the main factor of your success in this split?

MikyX: I think the main factor was everyone in the team improving and teaching me about the game as well.

ChainedDeath: You are the only player on Splyce that didn´t play last split. How do you get along with your teammates and how did they accept you?

MikyXI get along with everyone in the team since everyone is really friendly and nice to hang around with so it wasn’t a problem. It is somewhat annoying when they talk danish among themselves though.

ChainedDeath: You established yourself as one of the best supports in EU and a huge contender for the Rookie of the Split award. How do you rank yourself among the other support players in EU?

MikyX: I think I am among the top 5 supports in EU at the moment but I should get a lot better with time.

ChainedDeath:  Your coach YamatoCannon also highly praises you. How is your relationship with him?

MikyX: I don’t think our relationship is anything special, we just have fun when we don’t play and try hard when we play.

ChainedDeath:   Your opponents in the final’s will be G2 eSports, who were the strongest team during the split, but their win in the semifinals wasn´t very convincing. What do you think are their weaknesses and will you be able to abuse them?

MikyX: I don’t think they played their best series against UOL, but their weakness is probably top/mid and we can abuse that.

ChainedDeath: With your win over H2k, your chances on getting to worlds are very high. You can either win the split, win the gauntlet or hope that the Unicorns of Love beat H2k. What are their chances of winning the third place match?

MikyX: I think UOL’s chances of beating H2K are pretty high since they played well against G2 and H2K might play worse after our series.

ChainedDeath: Your current goal is probably winning the split and getting to worlds. Do you think you have any chances of success on the international stage?

MikyX: I think we can have decent success on the international stage, but we will have to wait and see.

ChainedDeath: Lastly, I want to touch a bit on the NA vs EU topic. Do you think NA is at the moment the superior region and do you think this is the year of TSM´s success at worlds?

MikyX: From watching NA LCS I don’t think it’s the superior region, since I think TSM is the only good team there and they have a high chance of doing good at worlds.

Thank you for your time. I wish you the best luck in the finals and I am looking forward to your future success.

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