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Hey everyone Maleok here! This time I had the pleasure of connecting with a wonderfully entertaining streaming talent currently employed by compLexity Gaming. He was a joy to work with, and is utterly entertaining to watch! Enjoy this short and sweet look into what he does!





Maleok: To start off why don’t you give us your name and tell us a little bit about yourself

Neviilz: Sure. Hey I go by the name of Neviilz on the online world and I’m currently a full time streamer for team Complexity. I play Hearthstone exclusively and don’t really see myself venturing to other games in the future.

Maleok: Why is Hearthstone your game of choice?

Neviilz: Hearthstone is super addictive and [I] really enjoy playing turn based games. Also, hearthstone is one of the easier games to stream since it doesn’t require as much attention as games like CS-GO or League of Legends .

Maleok: Hearthstone has been around for some time now, is there any particular deck or meta that you miss or wish was standard?

Neviilz: Echo Mage is the deck I miss the most since it’s a deck I played for hundreds of games . I miss it’s skill cap and flexibility in play styles that make every match-up winnable if played optimally.

Maleok: You have shown a bit of a distaste towards playing tournaments even though you are clearly a good player, could you clarify why you aren’t interested in competing?

Neviilz: First of all, since I live in Malta , I can’t play in Blizzcon since the country is ineligible to compete in the event. Another point that makes me not want to pursue competing in tournaments is the time investment that goes into preparing and actually playing in a tourney which usually has  less than 5% chance of winning.

Maleok: Moving on to your streaming specifically, what made you want to start streaming initially?

Neviilz: Watching streams IMMEDIATELY became a hobby of mine after I found out about Twitch. I started with Sodapoppin and eventually started watching biggest hearthstone streams at the time including Reynoodle and Trump. After seeing what impact streaming had on the streamers and the communities the channel had , I started wondering why I wasn’t trying this whole streaming thing out. Also I was going through some rough times when I started streaming and this was a pretty good  way to escape reality.

Maleok: When did you decide to start streaming full time?

Neviilz: After I started averaging a couple hundred viewers I saw the potential my stream had and decided to commit more into it. Although it wasn’t immediately financially reliable , it was a calculated risk  which resulted into a relatively successful venture.

Maleok: What has it been like to have a professional eSports team backing your streaming?

Neviilz: Complexity have been nothing but kind to me although I’m a pretty new inclusion to the family. It’s always nice having a group backing you up and you have people who are in the same spot as you which you can communicate successes and frustrations with.

Maleok: You have become a very energetic and boisterous streamer over the last 2 years, has it become a “character”?

Neviilz: I would consider it to be a character. I would like to think more of it as an elevation of my persona. The idea came to mind when I was “studying” what I can do better in my stream and noticed how boring and daunting my stream persona was back in the day so I tried spicing things up. It was very well received and I kept doing it ever since.

Maleok: How much of a stretch from your daily or social self is your streaming persona, and does it get exhausting?

Neviilz: Around most people, I’d say it’s a stretch. However, when i’m with my  close friends it’s pretty normal to act like that. It’s a shorter stretch than it was originally since my stream persona seems to have carried over to my real life since I do it so much.

Maleok: Do you ever feel that your stream is limited by how invested you are in Hearthstone and would you like to play other games?

Neviilz: I don’t currently plan on pursuing other games since I still love hearthstone. Although currently I can’t put as many hours in as I did in the past because of frustration created by this disgusting meta. Despite that, I still find it entertaining to play.

Maleok: Have there been any cool moments that have made you exceptionally happy to be streamer?

Neviilz: Yes, usually since I’m the biggest streamer in my country,  It always feels good when the community pushes you and inspires you to keep growing. Also getting nice messages about how much people enjoy the stream always put me in a good mood.

Maleok: Do you think streaming is something you see yourself doing for a long time?

Neviilz: Yeah I can see me doing it for many more years to come and hopefully Hearthstone keeps improving so I can still stream this amazing game.

Maleok: Finally, is there anything you would like to tell your fans, and anything you would like to say to people who may not have heard of you before?

Neviilz: To all my fans, I’d like to say thank you for supporting me and giving me the ability to do this, and for people who have never heard of me, I’d encourage you to check it out if you like an exciting loud personality .

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