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Hey everyone! Maleok here, and after quite a long hiatus I am back to writing. The first feature, Which I’m proud to write with Break the Game, is an interview with the lovely and talented Lunity. She is a successful League of Legends streamer and parody singer, and I was fortunate enough to sit down and chat with her about her background and content! Enjoy!


Maleok: First of all, can you tell everyone your name, and what you do in the League of Legends community.


Lunity: Well my name is Myriam, and a lot of people know me as Lunity. People know me in the League community as a streamer and someone who sings League parodies.


Maleok: I’m curious about some of your background, what initially got you started on the path to making music?


Lunity: I’ve always been playing music, since I was really young. I’ve been singing since I was young as well. When it came to making YouTube videos I kinda just decided to give it a shot and post stuff online. I didn’t start with music but eventually I decided to do parodies.


Maleok: We’ll go more in depth about your YouTube content in just a bit. Now obviously you game a lot, so I want to know when and why you started playing video games.


Lunity: Well I was the oldest in the family, I wish it was a sibling who got me into it but it wasn’t. My cousins had a Nintendo 64 so we were always playing Mario Party, Goldeneye, and Pokemon snap. We didn’t even get our own gaming console until I was 10 or 12. It was a Playstation 1, so we played a lot of random games like Crash Bandicoot and Chrono trigger. From there, I didn’t even get into PC gaming until high school. That’s when my boyfriend at the time introduced me to World of Warcraft *laughs*  SO dangerous. I also played Starcraft II and those were the first ever PC games I got into.


Maleok: Adding onto that then, when did you first discover, and start to play, League of Legends?


Lunity: I don’t remember exactly how many years I’ve been playing League, but I think I started roughly when Ahri was released. (Ahri was released Dec. 14, 2011)


Maleok: Now that we’ve talked a little about your background, when did you make your first piece of content and what was it?


Lunity: Oh gosh…My first ever piece of content I think was a cover video, but after that I started to post shuffle videos. *laughs* Those were my first videos, and I was all about that, it was so exciting. After that I did more covers. It wasn’t until a long time after I already had my YouTube channel that I started doing parodies.


Maleok: So when did you first start to majorly focus on your YouTube channel?


Lunity: I think it was 2013 or 2014 when I first started really focusing on it. I did my first parody, and it got a really really good response, which I did not expect at all. When I made it I thought, “This is just gonna be for fun”, this is when I had just discovered the League Reddit. I feel like a lot of people on the Reddit enjoyed that type of content at the time. I decided to try it out and I actually did an acoustic cover of a parody, because I had no experience in writing parodies of my own at the time. A lot of people really liked it. Even at the time I don’t think I consciously made a decision to try it. There wasn’t an immediate start on taking YouTube seriously, a few months passed and I was still experimenting. I didn’t start to really take it seriously until I first met Chris from Instalok. He talked to me and said, “Yo you should really continue doing your parodies, a lot of people enjoy them.”, that was when I went full serious mode on it. It was gradual, over the course of I don’t know how many years.


A recent collaboration Lunity performed with Instalok.

Maleok: In your last video, nearly 12 months ago, you said “I’m trying to do YouTube full time, that’s my goal.”. What happened?


Lunity: This is something everyone asks me. So what happened back then was this; I felt pretty confident about what I was doing, pumping out videos and posting content. The next video I wanted to come out with was a parody because I hadn’t posted one in so long. I was really stuck on the fact that it had to be a parody. I couldn’t really come up with anything, and I started to get some serious writer’s block. I feel like a lot of people weren’t going to be happy if I wasn’t going to post another song so I was just really overthinking it. I had written three different parodies, but I didn’t like any of them enough to post. I had also gotten sick at the time which stopped me from making videos because I wasn’t feeling well. It was all kinds of messy at the time, but the main thing was writer’s block. I also got to a point where I questioned if I even wanted to make League parodies because I felt so stuck with it you know? So instead of posting something just to post, I did the worst thing and didn’t post anything. Because of that, it turned into all kinds of crazy. I developed anxiety for the first time in my life. I was overthinking YouTube and thinking about all the people who wanted content from me and the fact that I was running out of ideas. I didn’t really know what to do. I had no inspiration or motivation, it was a really weird and crappy time.


Maleok: Hmm…Well that being said do you intend to come back, and if so what sort of content would you return with?


Lunity: If I were to come back, I don’t think I would do parodies as much. Which I feel would make a lot of people happy. That’s kind of why I haven’t posted still. I am afraid that my subscribers are gonna be like, “Oh no more parodies? Unsubbing No more League? Unsubbing”. I always see that on other people’s channels where they want to do some other content and the subs don’t like it. That’s why I have just stuck to streaming. I’ve really been enjoying streaming more than if I were to try and think of content to create on YouTube. If I were to create content on YouTube again I think I would try more covers. I’ve seen a lot of comments that say, “I hope she doesn’t just stick with parodies. She could do so much more than just parodies.”. So I would probably do cover videos, gameplay videos, stream highlights and stuff like that. I think for now though I would prefer to just continue streaming, and maybe pop some videos on every once in awhile.


Maleok: Speaking of Twitch, how do you feel about it as a content medium in comparison to YouTube?


Lunity: I feel like it’s so much easier. On Twitch I can just play a game and interact with my audience versus trying to think of a song that’s been written about too much. In League for example, there are only so many times you can write about the same things in different lyrics, before people say, “Well you’ve done a song about this already.”. It’s much easier to be myself on Twitch and interact with people, as opposed to “forcing” content on YouTube. With Twitch I don’t need to deal with writer’s block, I can just go on and do it. With YouTube you need to constantly think of fresh ideas and kinda hope people like it. Twitch is so much easier, it’s been easier for me to actually want to do something.


One of Lunity’s clever and successful parodies.


Maleok: Speaking of content creation overall, during this adventure of content creation, what kind of friends have you made and where has it taken you?


Lunity: Well, talking to Chris from Instalok it was a huge thing for me. He was the one who pushed me to continue making content for League and doing parodies. That’s when I started meeting a lot of other content creators through the League community. I met people like Nicki Taylor, Blakinola, The Yordles, Gbay and pretty much everyone else in the league scene. I’ve met so many wonderful people in the community. I’ve been to PAX east, PAX west, and Summoner’s Con. It’s always really cool to meet other content creators at places like that who do the same thing.


*Several minutes of irritated comments as we face a team of six Symmetras in Overwatch*


Maleok: Now to wrap up, You’re married to Chris from Instalok, which gives you two an interesting dynamic in the League community. What’s it like to be a household of content creators?


Lunity: It’s super helpful because sometimes we help each other out on lyrics and songs and stuff. Other times I will feature in their songs, and It’s really easy because if we want to record something we just go over to Tony’s house and do it there. It’s really nice that understand each other so well because we do the same thing, or have done the same thing. It makes things really easy for the two of us. I feel like if I had married someone who didn’t play League, or wasn’t familiar with making content, it would be so much harder to relate to someone like that. We’re basically the same person which makes everything fun. It makes living together so easy.


Hey guys thank you so much for reading! And thank you Myriam for sitting down to chat with me. Please check her out at her YouTube channel, and give her Twitch and Twitter a follow as well! Click on the respective words to be taken to each page.


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