High ELO Habits: ADCs and Map Awareness

As far as ADC’s are concerned, it feels like we don’t carry as hard these days; we can’t control the game as much as in previous seasons.  While this may be true to an extent, it’s true for all roles.  League is evolving into less of a solo carry style game, and more into a teamplay oriented game. There will never be another Faker or Bang if League continues to move in the direction that it is. That being said, ADC as a role must evolve with it, and I’m going to show you some things that higher ELO players do that lower ELO players could use to get better at the game.


Enemy Awareness (Jungler & Laners)

You need to be aware of the enemy.  Not just awareness of the jungler, but solo laners as well.  Ganking is very important and early ganks are normally centered on bot lane.  You need to be aware of this, because it is going to happen. Warding is important, but positioning yourself is even more important. In order to know where you should be, you should always try and be aware of the enemy. The opposing team can really dictate what you are doing in lane.  To keep it at it’s core though, you should judge your aggressiveness and passiveness depending on where the enemy champions might be. Using this information to benefit you is insanely good, and it’s a very heavy part of macro play.


Friendly Awareness(Own Team)

Keeping an eye on your friendlies is just as important as keeping an eye on your enemies.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a smurf, about to gank a lane, and my teammate doesn’t realize I’m ganking for them.  It’s funny when it happens, but sometimes it’s something that prevents us from securing a kill.  Keeping an eye on your own friendlies as well as your opponents on the map can help you turn ganks as well, making a gank into a successful counter gank. Using this as an advantage is important in and of itself, because by doing this you are able to help your teammates turn things you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise as well. Something that a lot of high ELO players do, that not a lot of lower ones do, is start moving immediately if they see a threat; this allows for quicker turn arounds and people are less likely to die. This at it’s core is just recognizing when a friendly is on the way to help you, or being able to head towards a teammate when you see that they are in trouble.



A lot of the things I mentioned previously come down to communication; being able to communicate with your team, telling them when summoner spells go on cooldown, and tracking the timers. Knowing that a teammate’s teleport comes back off cooldown before the enemies can set up some very good counter plays. Telling your jungler that the enemy bot lane just blew all their summoner spells is a 100% increased way to get a gank.  Keeping track of wards is also an extremely good way to do this.  Vision denial is just as important as vision. Keeping track of all this and letting your friendlies know is a super effective way to improve your own macro play and climb at the same time.

Get in the habit of knowing

  • Where are the enemies?
  • Are your friendlies in a place to help you?
  • Are you in a place to help your team mates?
  • What summoner spells are down?
  • Do your teammates know what’s down, have you told them?


Written by Agumon3- Twitch.tv/agumon3

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