Purify Priest

Welcome everyone to a guide on Purify Priest! Since the release of Un’Goro I have been playing just about every deck imaginable, and finally came across a unique deck that combines everything I love about the game. Purify Priest is a combo oriented deck that forces the player to properly utilize and manage all of his resources in order to

Great Decks of Gadgetzan

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the newest Hearthstone expansion: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, was just released! This has been one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful release of cards in the game. And with great power, come great new decks. Much of this expansion has done an excellent job at my favorite part of new card

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Overview

Recently at Blizzcon, Blizzard announced the new huge Hearthstone expansion! Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Let’s take a look at just a few of the things this new expansion will bring to the game! All in the Family: Each class belongs to one of the city’s three factions. Your class cards and neutral minions all fall into that faction’s theme. The

Interview with Neviilz: Hearthstone’s best kept streaming secret.

Hey everyone Maleok here! This time I had the pleasure of connecting with a wonderfully entertaining streaming talent currently employed by compLexity Gaming. He was a joy to work with, and is utterly entertaining to watch! Enjoy this short and sweet look into what he does! Maleok: To start off why don’t you give us your name and tell us a little

Balance Changes: Warrior

Warrior has been a staple class of consistency, with multiple variants that always seem to be top, or at the least, high tier decks. This level of consistency is what is being attacked with this set of Warrior nerfs and changes. One of the big reasons Warrior is such a strong class is because its ridiculous amount of removal that

Balance Changes: Shaman

Shaman has been the most played class on ranked ladder for quite some time now, and it continues to dominate in all levels of Hearthstone. Aggressive Shaman lists are just as common at Rank 20 as they are in competitive play. The level of consistency that aggressive Shaman lists bring has put the deck on top, all alone, for quite

Balance Changes: Yogg-Saron

“Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End” is easily the most controversial card that Blizzard has ever printed. It creates absolute pandemonium and swings games from unwinnable to your opponent concedes. No other card in the game provides the RNG tempo swing Yogg does, and many Hearthstone user say it is one of their favorite cards. Well if that’s true, what is the problem

It’s Always Aggro

It’s Always Aggro It seems no matter what the expansion, no matter the rank or format, aggro decks are always sitting pretty at the top of the meta. Even with the introduction of Standard, meaning big losses for popular aggressive decks – Mech and Deathrattle archetype included – the game seems to always revert back to tempo and aggro. Why

The Best Deck Ever And Why It’s Dog’s Concede Shaman

Dog’s Concede Shaman (which he took to the Summer Prelim Tournament this year) is the best deck ever made and here’s why. It surprises everyone. The initial thought of any opponent is “*sigh* another coin flip aggro shaman game.” But slowly they realize something isn’t quite right. “No tunnel trogg?” they ask. “Turn two hero power?”. “Where is the Tuskarr?”.

Arena Changes

The Arena is one of Hearthstone’s many game modes, and one that most believe gets overlooked. In the chaos of balancing Constructed and Standard cards, Arena has seen few to no changes in style, drafting or balance, until now. Blizzard recently announced they plan to make balance changes in The Arena, mostly involving class balance. As many of you know,