Great Decks of Gadgetzan

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the newest Hearthstone expansion: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, was just released! This has been one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful release of cards in the game. And with great power, come great new decks. Much of this expansion has done an excellent job at my favorite part of new card sets – New Decks! Many releases often supplement existing decks, however new mechanics and quality card design make this release different. This release created quite a few new archetypes entirely, some good, and some not so good – but all of them interesting. I’d like to share some of the decks I’ve been playing, and encourage you all to try them out, maybe even add a twist of your own!

First up is a Standard favorite of mine: Reno Warlock
Now Renolock was a deck before Gadgetzan, but with the addition of several key cards, particularly Kazakus, the deck grew in strength. I love the card design of Kazakus. Promoting the “Reno” play style of only having a single copy of any given card in your deck providing you with a huge bonus is an excellent design choice. In my opinion Reno decks are both fun and complex decks that are immensely rewarding to play, if played properly. They strike a great balance between learning curve and viability as they do take quite a few games to understand the goals and win conditions of the deck. In Renolock, the win condition is a Warlock classic; Leeroy Jenkins and his trusty Faceless Manipulator. Combine the two with a Emperor Thaurissan and a Power Overwhelming, and you get a deadly finisher.

“Other helpful additions include: Mistress of Mixtures, Felfire Potion, Abyssal Enforcer, and Dirty Rat.”

To keep the Reno theme alive another interesting deck is Reno Priest.
That’s right, Priest is a real class again! Once again Reno Jackson revives priest, but not without the help of a new priest legendary: Raza the Chained. Raza has a Reno and Kazakus flavor, and its power is ridiculous. Raza’s battlecry makes your hero power free. For the rest of the game. No matter what. Shadowform? Free. Justicar? Still Free. Sir Finley? You guessed it, Free. With minor inspire effects Priest rapidly turns into a near unkillable control deck.

“All of the crazy Reno like Battlecries!”

A fun variant of this deck was recently showcased by streamer nl_Kripp. He was playing an OTK Reno Priest list, using a couple of underused cards. The win condition was simple – play Raza, get free hero power, and then do whatever you can to trigger Spawn of Shadows. That’s right, Spawn of Shadows, the 5 mana inspire: Deal 4 damage to both heroes. With Garrison Commander and Sir Finley a massive amount of damage can be put out. Add Shadowform to the mix and you can potentially deal over 40 damage for 9 mana.

To finish this off let’s talk about the forgotten child of Hearthstone: Wild.
Wild is that weird game mode where every card can be used, even the ones that have rotated out of standard. Lists are full of combo pieces and ancient legendaries, but the wild list I have been experimenting with isn’t a 30 legendary Warrior deck, but Druid. Mill Druid.
Druid received a very interesting mechanic with Jade Golems. Jade Golems aren’t what make mill druid work however, it’s mostly thanks to one little, but very powerful card. Jade Idol. Jade Idol allows you to put 3 copies of the card in your deck, allowing for you to fatigue your opponent, while never having to worry about damaging yourself. With Fandral Staghelm, you are generating increasingly powerful golems, and ensuring you never run out of cards! The wild format allows for lots of draw cards, like Dancing Swords or Grove Tender to quickly fill up your opponent’s hand and force him to burn cards and quickly take them to fatigue.

“This combo will keep you alive and powerful forever!”


I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and opinions on the new set of Gadgetzan! Go out and try something new (please don’t play Shaman) and maybe you’ll find inspiration to break the meta, and break the game.

Brayden Sunseri

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