Getting out of the 3000 MMR trench

Figuring out the meta even at the end of it is still a challenge. If you’re a player that has around 3000 MMR I will try to help you out on your journey towards the higher MMR brackets.

As time passes the low MMR brackets get worse and worse, and the spammable heroes are usually heroes that require coordination to be taken down, or a more strict countering lineup.

The most pickable heroes in almost every MMR bracket are Pudge, Invoker and one hero that’s extremely good that patch; in this case that hero is Necrophos. Out of these heroes the only universally successful one is Necrophos as he needs a lot more coordination and certain lineups to be punished/taken down.

Heroes that are usually easier to win with are heroes that can either punish the lanes hard, or play the mental game – heroes that will easily tilt the enemy midlaner because of his presence and good ganking abilities.


Here are four heroes you can play to give yourself a better chance of climbing the MMR ladder:

Spirit Breaker is a hero that bursted out this patch because of his global presence and immense ganking ability by having a lot of damage and disables.

If the enemy midlaner doesn’t have an escape, Spirit Breaker can easily secure kills in the midlane, and of course, tilt the enemy offlaner.

Lower MMR brackets have players that tilt a lot when they die alot of times, which results in either feeding/Shadow Amuleting.

Necrophos is a hero that got reworked the last big patch and became a lot more playable than before.

He can be played at every position, but he excels at the midlane/offlane/safelane as he has a very good durability and survivability.

As we said before, every hero that need good coordination to be punished usually have a pretty good winrate, Necrophos is sitting pretty at 55%~ winrate in every bracket, which shows that he is a spammable hero that could bring easy MMR to the team that has him.

Supports rarely dictate the tempo of the game, but there is one support at this patch that has been punishing safelanes hard, and that hero is Lich.

With the recent change of the XP gain per range creep, the ability to deny it and take the XP makes the hero a lane dominator, and usually easily wins the offlane with almost every classic offlaner. Offlaners that are usually picked in a duo lane scenario with Lich are Legion Commander, Necrophos, Underlord, Timbersaw, or some cheesy offlaners like Venomancer. Speaking of which…

Venomancer is also a very successful hero sitting at a pretty high winrate and, like Necrophos, he can also be played at various positions, but competitive teams like to put him on the safelane/midlane because of his ability to dominate to lane. They then typically continue a deathball type of strat to take down every tower and close the map for the enemies.

Getting out of the 3000 MMR bracket is not so easy, but with discipline and actual smart decisions it shouldn’t be very difficult.


Try to follow these tips, they usually work in the lower MMR brackets.

If you’re a core:

  • Farm more, fight less.
  • If you’re fighting a camp look at the timer and if you can’t finish it before the spawn time, stack it.
  • Have a good map awareness, carrying a TP and TP-ing when the enemy is diving towers can give you kills and a better net worth (kill gold > camp gold).
  • If you do want to fight early, get early game items that will help you (Magic Wand, Aquila, Raindrops).
  • If you are on a lane matchup that is Range vs Range/Melee or Melee vs Melee, always get an Orb of Venom. It’s a 275 gold item that will give you +15 harassing dmg.
  • Don’t go jungle, else your teammates are being pressured a lot on your lane. Contesting the lane is always better than going AFK jungle.

If you’re a support:

  • Don’t ward randomly, give it a thought if you are going to benefit from the vision in the area.
  • Don’t place a ward in front of an enemy, it will almost always get dewarded.
  • Always carry a TP.
  • Try not to TP to a lane from base, else there’s a fight going on.
  • At the start try to carry a lot of regen.
  • If you expect a lot of teamfights, getting an Urn of Shadows is essential.
  • Try to dictate the tempo of the game, communicate with your teammates and create the pace of the game.
  • If your cores are struggling, don’t flame them. It won’t help, and it just has a very negative effect.
  • And last but not least, don’t leech XP from your cores, try to grab as many bounty runes as you can.

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