Dota 2 Asian Championships 2017 Preview

DAC 2017 Preview The Dota 2 Asia Championships are upon us again after taking a year break. Acting as a in-between “informal” Major between the Fall Boston Major and the Spring Kiev Major, DAC 2017 is looking to offer a stacked international lineup with 12 teams - 6 Chinese and 6 international - clashing for the Radiance trophy in Shanghai,

Great Decks of Gadgetzan

As I’m sure you’re all aware, the newest Hearthstone expansion: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, was just released! This has been one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful release of cards in the game. And with great power, come great new decks. Much of this expansion has done an excellent job at my favorite part of new card

So, What do the Players Get? A Look at the Influx of Esports Funding

So, What do the Players Get? A Look at the Influx of Esports Funding So most people of the Esports and traditional sports worlds know that there was a marriage of sorts in the competitive world. This is the first (and second) of its kind: two Esports teams being bought out by the owners of a professional sports team. The

Boston Major Day 1 Recap: VP storms through as Wings bow out

After a two-day hiatus, the highly anticipated Boston Major has resumed with the main event. 16 teams will fight for their survival on the main stage of the Wang Theater in a single-elimination format. This means no second chance as every team will have to bring their A-Game if they want to advance further into the next rounds. A single

Boston Major Groupstage Recap

With a single elimination bracket playoff stage, the group stage of the Boston Major was more important than it’s ever been. Each group, a mini double elimination tournament to determine seeding, had 4 teams; 2 of which were invited, and 2 of which qualified. We saw some major upsets during the group stage, and some intense matches, here’s the recap.

The Boston Major: Teams To Look Out For

The Boston Major is drawing near, with the group stages only a couple of days away. Being a major, it’s generally considered to be one of the largest tournaments of the year,and  it will undoubtedly be an exciting event to wrap up 2016, with 16 of the best teams in the world competing for a prizepool of 3 million dollars.

Fanfare for fair Fans

In CS:GO you can be the sharpest mind, out braining all opposition with you ingenious and unpredictable game sense. You can have aim reflexes that are faster than the sailfish, the fastest fish on the planet clocking over 110km/h. (Hey, every day is a learning day.) But even with sailfish reactions and quantum game sense you can bottom frag and

Planet of Heroes – when a MOBA goes mobile

In the gaming universe, there is a steady trend towards mobile gaming, but eSports on the phone – will this ever work? A lot of small indie games tried to reach out to this sector, unfortunately with rather small success. The developer Fast Forward Studios however managed to create a game that has the chance to be a cornerstone for

The Self-Destructive Riot Affair Continues – Monte and DoA Will Not Be Casting Worlds 2016

  The League of Legends Worlds Championship is once again upon the horizon! There are just days remaining before the eSports fans worldwide gather their attention to the rift and witness the best of the best competing on the grandest stage of them all. Teams and players from across the continents will battle for supremacy, glory and to prove that they

Powercreep and the Design Philosophy of Riot

  Riot gets a lot of flack for their champion design -- complaints range from sexist aesthetics to “anti-fun” kits.  This is the internet, though; you don’t make the world’s most popular game without attracting a few haters along the way.  However, one complaint stands above the others in that there may be some validity to it and that is