From Smite to League My Experience and Advice

In the world of MOBAs, I have been a part of two major communities. I got my start in Smite, and now I’m getting involved in the world of League of Legends. I’ve been recommended to try League by most Smite players, and I can clearly see why. While both games are of the same genre they both have vastly different feels while somehow staying similar. It’s mindboggling really how similar and opposite they are at the same time. Everything about the two communities is great from the games to the players and the characters themselves.

The first initial thought I had was that transitioning would be easy. I quickly learned how wrong I was. While the games feature the same type of three lane map and styles of characters the playstyle is entirely different. The bigger map meant jungling and rotating would be different, there were more camps and buffs to learn, and farming was even different from Smite. Laning phases still seemed to remain the same in League, however when rotations came out they were much more planned, and defensive. All this along with the fact that you had multi-classed characters made the game very unpredictable and added something new to how you had to approach the game entirely. The overall mechanics and items tended to stay the same so learning builds was probably the easiest part for me.

If I could give any advice to any other players making the same transition I did, I would suggest a few things. First of all, learn your basics. When I say this I’m referring to roles, items, and other things of that nature. Items have a bit of similarity however builds are flexible and players may feel a bit more comfortable with different builds they weren’t able to do in Smite. I’d also suggest getting comfortable with mechanics such as, mouse moving and skills. This part isn’t as much of an issue however, it can’t hurt to practice and understand these small details.
I’d also suggest you learn your characters. Get out of your comfort zone, play new types of characters, try new roles. I went from a tanky destroyer in Smite to a damage carry in League. The new mechanics really force you to play differently, and you may feel comfortable in a new role. I have to ask any new players to just try a little bit of everything in League to see what really sticks for you.

If all else fails learn how to communicate with the community. In the community of League I was welcomed by most players, and they all taught me the basics and how to play efficiently enough to maintain myself in a game. The League competitive community was extraordinary with a few recognizable teams within the Smite community. The competitive scene stays heated each year with both sides staying excited waiting to see what comes next and how our favorite players adapt. Both communities are incredible, friendly, and loyal. For me that just means these games will continue to grow and build for years to come and keep eSports alive and well.

So, as far as, my first look at League is concerned I’ve really been enjoying my time with it. The community paired with the freshness of the game has me hooked, and I look forward to what’s next. I will continue to play Smite and stay competitive in that community, but maybe in the near future I’ll be able to do the same for League.

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