From Krakow to Boston: Team Liquid


After barely failing to qualify for PGL Krakow, Team Liquid is looking to redeem themselves going into ELEAGUE Boston.

What Has Changed Since PGL Krakow?

While Team Liquid hasn’t made a lot of roster changes since Krakow, the team is very different. After missing out on the Major, Team Liquid changed up a lot of the roles in the team, with perhaps the most important one being nitr0 taking over as the in-game leader.

With Peter “Stanislaw” Jarguz no longer being the in-game leader and having a subpar fragging performance, Team Liquid replaced him with Lucas “Steel” Lopes, who will not be able to play for Team Liquid in Boston. Instead, the team will have to use their coach, Zews as a stand-in due to the roster lock.

After the player break in August, Team Liquid had two great performances, taking 2nd place at ESG Mykonos and ESL One New York. However, since then, it’s gone downhill for the team, with their best performance being a win at the Americas Minor, which has secured them a place at the ELEAGUE Major.

Players to Watch

Twistzz has been one of the revelations of 2017. Ever since joining Team Liquid he has been looking better and better and has been one of the critical factors in Team Liquid’s big wins. He has seemingly excelled in every role he has been put in during his time in Team Liquid, and you will often see him putting up the largest amount of frags on the side of Liquid.

EliGE is perhaps the best player in North America and has been one of the most consistent players throughout 2017. If Team Liquid is going to make the playoffs in this tournament with Zews in the lineup, EliGE needs to have an even better performance than usual.

Map to Watch

There is no question that Team Liquid’s best map is Inferno. On Inferno, they have wins over some of the best teams in the world, including the likes of SK Gaming, Astralis, and North. Inferno is a map that few teams have been able to master, and you could argue that Team Liquid is the 2nd best team in the world on the map after FaZe. With almost no teams having Inferno as their permanent ban, other teams might give Team Liquid the opportunity to play the map on more than one occasion. One of the critical factors in Team Liquid’s big wins on Inferno has been Twistzz. Look out for his performance towards the apartments and pit area on both T and CT side.

The Verdict

Team Liquid is going to have a tough time going far at this event. Having to play with their coach Zews, who is going to be a liability fragging-wise, is likely going to hurt them like we saw at the ESL Pro League Finals. With that said, Team Liquid certainly has a chance to make it into the Legends Stage. In spite of the stand-in, some of the teams are still looking weaker than Team Liquid, and their fate is going to be very dependent on which teams they face. However, they need to get very lucky with their draw to make it to the playoffs in Boston.

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