The ECS CSGO Season 4 Finals Will Feature Loot Drops, Lots of Them

Just when you thought that watching the ECS Season 4 Finals was exciting enough due to the level of Counter-Strike being played and the productions value, FACEIT and YouTube just made it a whole lot more entertaining.

The two have combined to introduce Loot Drops in the Esports Livestreams Starting with the ECS Season 4 Finals

And all you need to do is connect your FACEIT account to YouTube.

Viewers will now be able to receive loot drops containing FACEIT Points which can be redeemed for exclusive real-world prizes including computer hardware, branded merchandise or even a customized automobile. The points can also be used for in-game items found on

Loot Drops have been used as a marketing tool for a limited number of livestreams such as the Rocket League Championship Series and Valve CS:GO Majors, and have shown to engage viewers and boost viewership.

FACEIT will be distributing more than 15 million FACEIT Points over the course of the ECS Finals which can be redeemed on (

The total redeemable points being dropped during the ECS Season 4 Finals equals a staggering three Fiat 500s, ten Alienware Aurora PCs, over 375 Esports Team Jerseys or 3,750 Tek9 CS:GO in-game skins from the FACEIT Shop.

From the press release:

“The new integration also allows FACEIT users to link their accounts to their YouTube accounts, allowing for one unified platform to engage fans with rewards during their viewing experience. ECS and esports fans can find all the action live on the ECS.”

YouTube Gaming channel:

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