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Breaking News: TBS to Televise ‘ELEAGUE | Road To The International Dota 2 Championships’ in August

TBS are to televise a brand-new series this August alongside ELEAGUE called ‘ELEAGUE | Road To The International Dota 2 Championships‘. This will run from Friday, August 4th every week at 10pm ET/PT on Fridays until Friday, August 25th. It will feature three Dota 2 personalities, such as Jimmy ‘DemoN’ Ho, and will be narrated by popular caster Toby ‘TobiWan’ Dawson

Navi are Back.

Na’Vi are back. Prior to The Summit 7, Na’Vi unfortunately did not qualify for the Kiev Major. Saying goodbye to both Ditya-ra and Artstyle had left Na’Vi with a huge gap in their line-up, leading them to bring forth former pro Dota player Malthe “Biver” Winther to play in his classic 5th position support role. This pickup was followed by

A Farewell to Wings

The Kiev Major marks the end of Chinese superpower Team Wings, one of the brightest and most talented teams that Dota 2 has ever seen. With the roster’s departure from their organization, and the members scattering into different teams and temporary retirements,  the Dota world is faced with something that used to be unthinkable: an Aegis of Champions that will

OG Victorious Once Again

Kiev Major The aftermath of the Kiev Major has left many teams devastated as they’ve missed out on the $1,100,000 prize. All apart from now 4th time winners OG who once again have completely dominated the pro scene with outstanding drafts, insane comebacks and of course the wombo-combos. Once again OG proved to be king of the Majors after a

Kiev Major Preview

The first major of 2017 is rolling in, with 16 teams going head to head to see who will take trophy in Ukraine. A crowd of the usual suspects has been invited, and a crop of newcomers and upstarts are looking to make some waves. As this is the last Valve sponsored tournament before the annual Dota celebration that is

Dota 2 Asian Championships 2017 Preview

DAC 2017 Preview The Dota 2 Asia Championships are upon us again after taking a year break. Acting as a in-between “informal” Major between the Fall Boston Major and the Spring Kiev Major, DAC 2017 is looking to offer a stacked international lineup with 12 teams – 6 Chinese and 6 international – clashing for the Radiance trophy in Shanghai,

Boston Major Day 2 Recap: Ad Finem takes down Newbee as China crumbles

The second day of the Boston Major event will bid farewell to four teams, while the other four advance to the next round to keep their dreams alive. After losing both of their representatives yesterday, China will unleash the rest of their teams as EHOME, Newbee and the LGD brothers take the stage. Up and coming Team NP will also

Boston Major Groupstage Recap

With a single elimination bracket playoff stage, the group stage of the Boston Major was more important than it’s ever been. Each group, a mini double elimination tournament to determine seeding, had 4 teams; 2 of which were invited, and 2 of which qualified. We saw some major upsets during the group stage, and some intense matches, here’s the recap.

Virtus.Pro convincingly swept OG to win The Summit 6

Ever since its formation, The Summit has always been a fan favorite tournament as some of the world’s best teams gather in a relaxed and casual environment to compete for a sizable prize pool, all the while enjoying each other’s company and interacting with fans through various entertainment segments. This year, BTS studios continues to live up to expectations as

Wings Gaming takes down NP to claim first International LAN win post-TI6

Northern Arena BEAT Invitational, one of the most anticipated pre-Boston Major tournaments, was quickly reaching its conclusion. After 2 days of competition, only two teams remained. On the one side, Wings Gaming continued to exert their dominance after TI6 as the Chinese squad only dropped 1 game out of 3 series, and they seemed almost unstoppable. On the other hand,