Destiny 2: Xur’s 3rd Location and Wares


Xur, the weekly traveling salesman, arrives in Destiny 2 according to his weekly schedule. He is located inside a cave on the Planet Io. Bring up your map to see a Roman numeral IX which indicates his place. To buy Xur’s wares, players must use Legendary Shards obtained by dismantling legendary gear. The price for the exotic weapon is 29 Shards; the cost of the armor piece is 23 Shards. The items he is selling have a Power Level of 270, making his wares only good for players with lower Power Level.


 3rd Week 9/29/17 – 10/1/17

  1. Riskrunner – Submachine Gun (Energy Weapon)

  2. Hallowfire Heart – Titan Helmet

  3. Mechaneer’s Tricksleeve – Hunter Gauntlets

  4. Transversive Steps – Warlock Legs


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