Destiny 2: The Pleasure Gardens Challenge Guide


“Towards the encounter we have started
Into the pleasure gardens. My actions reverb throughout
Causing you to howl, killing my volupture.”

By The First


It’s time for the Pleasure Gardens Challenge. This challenge is more of an annoyance, than a difficult challenge. In the non challenge mode, 2 players shoot glowing flowers until players have a buff that they are satisfied with which they will engage the royal beasts. However, in the challenge those players who shoot the flowers can only shoot once. This limits the buff the team can have to 24x multiplier, afterwards, those 2 players switch with new “shooters” and attempt to gain another 24x multiplier in that same round. Everything else stays the same in the encounter. Everyone picks a royal beast to defeat and once all 6 are down, bask in the dual treasure chests that spawn. If players are baffled on how to tackle this encounter, check out my Raid Guide.


Video Example of Text Guide:

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