Destiny 2: The Gauntlet Challenge Guide


Are you worthy enough? Well with this gauntlet challenge guide you will be worthy of Calus’ admiration. For this challenge players will have to split into 2 groups of 3. Each person will get a job to do per round and they CAN NOT do a job more than once. The jobs include:

  • Running the gauntlet
  • Shooting bottom most arrow then punching the psion that appears
  • Start on Dog/Cup plate respectively, shoot the topmost arrow, then move on to the next plate in the rotation

Players can divide the jobs among themselves or if they need guidance try using the system below.

Player A will run first round, hit psions and shoot bottom most arrow second round, and finally stand on plate and shoot top most arrow.

A) Run –> Psion, shoot bottom –> Plate, shoot top

B) Psion, shoot bottom –> Plate, shoot top –> Run

C) Plate, shoot top –> Runner –> Psion, shoot bottom


Video Example of Text Guide:

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