Destiny 2: The Arrival of Iron Banner


Iron Banner is back, baby! Lord Saladin will be arriving to the tower and rewards you participating in matches. He is located above the gunsmith shop.


 To earn rewards simply select Iron Banner under Crucible. For this week the playlist is Control, seek out 3 select points and take them over. Winning and losing awards tokens for players to turn in to Lord Saladin.


Iron banner in Destiny 2
  • Combat will be between two teams of four players
  • Power levels do not matter
  • Bounties and Ranks have been replaced with an Iron Banner Engram
Unlocking Iron Banner
  • Complete the Destiny 2 story
  • Find Lord Saladin in the Tower
  • Earn Iron Banner Tokens in every match (earn more if you win)
  • Daily and Season Milestones
  • New armor and weapons
Gif supplied by Bungie
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