Destiny 2: The Arms Dealer Nightfall Guide (Fallen Version)


*This guide is specifically for the normal and prestige version of The Arms Dealer during the week of October 31- November 7 as modifiers and enemies change.


Enemies: Cabal (Psions and Incendiors) ; Fallen (Vandal and Captain)

As soon as the screen loads, head left and toss grenades towards the group of Cabal. Take out the 2 shielded enemies with Void weapons and grenades. Focus on the Fallen enemies now using arc weapons and hack the terminal to the left of the group once finished.


First Hanger

Enemies: Cabal (Incendior, Psion, Honored Legionary,  Honored Phalanx, War Beast, Unsanctioned Blaster, and Exiled Launcher) ; Fallen (Vandal, Resilient Captain, and Unyielding Servitor)

After hacking the terminal a door will open, head through it and prepare for a fight. There will be several enemies you must defeat. Take out the Fallen that emerge from the left side first then focus on the Cabal. After the enemies are clear, have one person pick up the round sphere and take it to the marked location. Everyone else should run towards the lower area once there, avoid the obvious path and instead, head up the right side climbing up a ledge. The person with the charge should deposit it while getting cover fire by their teammates. Once the charge is deposited, eliminate the boss enemy with the prism enhance element. Shoot down the Thresher then focus on the Fallen enemies blocking your path to the inside of the base.


Once those boss enemies are done for, run up the path and inside the base. Bypass all the enemies you’ll find and take the entrance to your right. Continue running up the inclined interior of the base until you reach an open gate. Summon your sparrow and head north west towards a orange glow tunnel and a sloped piston. Climb the piston, summon your sparrow and bypass the enemies while heading left towards the base. Follow the only path inside until you see a giant tank.

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