Destiny 2: Tess Everis’ September Wares


Below are all the items Tess was selling for the month of September:


September 12

  • Emotes: Sadness and Funky Dance
  • Sparrow: Wind Strike
  • Ships: Shadowed Dawn and Zenith SV
  • Ornaments: Symbiosis and Mind Of Its Own
  • Attire: Optimacy Class Item (Bond, Cloak, Mark)
  • Ghosts: Warlock and Lotus Shell
  • Shaders: Midnight Talons, Metro Shift, and Golden Trace
  • Other: FireTeam Medallion


September 19

  • Emotes: Play Dead and Odd Dance
  • Sparrow: Angel Bloom
  • Ships: Cartesian/KO and Eos Rapture
  • Ornaments: Beware The Red Legion and Red Dwarf
  • Attire: Optimacy (Leg)
  • Ghosts: Starfire and Jagged Shell
  • Shaders: Noble Constant Red, Watermelon, Cerulean Divide
  • Other: FireTeam Medallion


September 26

  • Emotes: Sneaky and Flowing Dance
  • Sparrow: HighTail
  • Ships: Amplitude/PT and The Bandwagon
  • Ornaments: Comstock Lode and Under Contruction
  • Attire: Optimacy (Arm)
  • Ghosts: Kingfisher and Crescent Shell
  • Shaders: Omolon Meteor Gloss, Arctic Pearl, and Indigo Matrix
  • Other: FireTeam Medallion


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